6 tips to keep your home pest free this summer

For most of us summer means warm weather, beach days and family BBQs. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who

For most of us summer means warm weather, beach days and family BBQs. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who come out to play when the weather gets warmer. Cold-blooded insects that thrive in warm, humid conditions, such as mosquitos and cockroaches, also explode onto the scene around this time of year.

By their nature, cockroaches are scavengers that are most likely to live around the perimeter of buildings, entering inside homes simply to hunt for food. Therefore, by keeping your home clean and tidy, you’re more likely to keep the roaches and other insects at bay.

Top tips on keeping an insect free home:

1. Place non refrigerated food in sealed containers. As well as preventing cockroaches, it will also keep food clean and fresh

2. Replace pools of stagnant water, such as bird baths, regularly. If neglected, these soon become a perfect breeding ground for mozzies

3. Empty the inside bins regularly placing them in outside bins away from the home. If this isn’t possible, keep inside bins covered and garbage bags tied

4. Spray and clean cooking surfaces and the inside of the oven after every use. Keeping cooking areas clean will greatly reduce the risk of attracting unwanted critters

5. Treat surfaces with a non-toxic spray such as Orange Guard. These products will kill Cockroaches without leaving harmful chemicals in the home

6. Sweep floors and vacuum regularly, especially in the kitchen where food sources may be found. Vacuuming is the best way to remove dirt and crumbs from cracks and corners which could otherwise attract pests

What other tips would you add?

  1. My friend has the cleanest home, they loved the clean hotel…moved in in droves, they spray man was astonished and they died for months after….if you live in a roach area they are there…..

  2. We used surface spray 2 years ago immediately after spraying my husband starting coughing and now has a permanent cough, it’s nasty stuff, I won’t have it in the house. As for the hints on keeping the house clean after 40 odd years I’ve got the hang of it, but many thanks though.

    • Ditto, but we’ve moved to the country and the house is going to be demolished, things walk under the front door and get inside from other secret places I won’t mention the size of the spiders. Shudder, flame thrower should suffice.

  3. Clean environments are irreverent to roaches, ants, flies etc. they come inside for the same reason we do – to get out of the heat, humidity, rain etc. . The don’t stand at the door and access your properties cleanliness or otherwise.

  4. Try not to leave any dirty dishes over night as this encourages cockroaches and ants we have the place treated yearly it well worth it

  5. I spray twice a year in kitchen, bathrooms and laundry with tea-tree oil spray (Bosistos) Never seen a cockroach since i started.

  6. Our home was brand new, totally unfurnished and before we had even put our suitcases down – we saw 2 cockroaches. Cleanliness has nothing to do with it.

  7. My house is spotless and yet a couple of the little buggers come in – but don’t last long. The shoe!!! For god sake, don’t use surface spray in the house, it’s poison. Read the labels of any sprays very, very carefully. Most of them contain dangerous poisons and if they kill anything, even a little cockroach, they can’t be very healthy, can they?

  8. Cockroaches are attracted by plastics like tupperware as well as unemptied rubbish bins and are also bought into your home in corrugated cardboard cartons such as beer cartons and sometimes in furniture especially second hand furniture that has been siting in a garage or under someones house. I was involved in pest control for some time and you would not believe what I found in some houses and some of the worst were in up-market areas in multi million dollar homes.

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