6 surprising ways your body improves with age

You’re probably sick of hearing about the negative changes to your body as you age – your skin loses elasticity, you get more aches and pains, your heart can give out, and so on. But it’s really not all that bad – in fact some of the best is yet to come, according to science.


Here’s how your body improves with age, showing you that your best years are definitely not behind you.

1. Self confidence

As we get older, we tend to care less about what other people think. We’re self-assured, not going to change and feel good about it. According to Elizabeth Gliskly, head of the department of psychology at the Arizona State University, self confidence grows with age because of more experiences and wisdom.

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2. Low-maintenance skin

When you’re younger, your skin can have a multitude of issues including acne and pimples. But you can say goodbye to oil as after 50, your skin’s oil secretions slow down in both men and women. And as the oiliness declines, so do any associated issues, though you can feel a bit dry because your skin is thinner and more prone to flaking. Be sure to hydrate, as being dehydrated can affect the elasticity of your skin.


3. Your memory

Some memory functions, such as vocabulary and long-term memory, can actually improve if you stay mentally active. Your memory can be trained just like muscles,” says Gary Small, M.D., director of the University of California-Los Angeles Center on Ageing. “If you make the most of your memory and use it regularly, that portion of your brain can actually get better as you get older”. Try to do a crossword puzzle every day to help build and maintain vocabulary and memory, or even learn a new language also can help.

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4. Fewer allergies

For those who have severe allergies, this will be a welcome fact – you are likely to experience a decrease in hay fever as your get older because your immune system’s defence is down, although that can mean other illnesses may be more dangerous.

4. Less sensitive teeth

Your teeth may become less sensitive over time as dentin (the hard inner tissue in the tooth) thins out and harder, making it less likely that you will have sensitivity. With that said, the roots may become sensitive as gums recede, so you don’t get off scot-free.

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5. Reduced body hair

Throw away your razor and wax strips! Hair gets much thinner as you age. Although that may not be great news regarding the hair on your scalp, but it can be a blessing when it comes to body hair. As women age, most will see a reduction in body hair on their legs, underarms and bikini line. When we’re younger, when hair falls out it is replaced by a new one, but as we age, this doesn’t happen as frequently.



6. Better sex

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Numerous studies have found that women over 40 have more satisfying sex and more intense orgasms than younger women – and many remain sexually active well into old age. Many women find their arousal levels increase with age, though some see a decrease when they go through menopause, only for it to soar again afterwards.

Having a physically and mentally healthy partner, satisfaction with sleep, and drinking less than three times a week are some of the other reasons credited with an active sex life.


Tell us, what else has gotten better with age for you?