5 signs you’re turning into your mother (some troubling, some hilarious!)

Let’s get one thing straight – we all love our mothers. Most of us are lucky to have a positive

Let’s get one thing straight – we all love our mothers. Most of us are lucky to have a positive maternal figure in our lives, although that doesn’t mean we want to become our mums!

We each struggle with manners of speaking, thinking and behaving that we swore never to model after our mothers. So what happens when we realise Mum is exactly who we are becoming? Here are five worrying, but mostly hilarious, signs to watch out for.

1. You spot your mother in the mirror

When you reach a certain age, you may find yourself opting for longer hems and conservative necklines. Suddenly a shorter haircut is more practical, and reading glasses don’t seem so bad. Before you know it, you’re fleetingly mistaking your own reflection for Mum’s, and friends will notice how much you take after her. Scary stuff!

2. You still worry about your children and grandchildren

Remember when you were heading for a night out, and your mum would pepper you with safety messages? “Don’t get into a taxi alone, make sure you stay with your friends, just say no to drugs, make good choices!” The day these words fell from your own mouth, was the day a Freaky Friday role reversal occurred.

3. You don’t understand kids these days

Think selfies are a waste of time? Not sure who that is on the cover of Vogue? Can’t understand why people these days dress so outlandishly? You may be turning into your mother after all. This is particularly true in today’s digital world, where trends are forever changing and it’s practically impossible to keep up with young people.

4. You insist on feeding everyone 

Remember when you had friends to visit, and your Mum would fuss about, offering them tea and insisting they stay for dinner? Now it’s you force-feeding every newcomer, and you’ve got a supply of snacks ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Not to mention that you will bring a platter to any small get-together, even if your friends haven’t asked for help. It’s just good manners, yes?

5. You’re the Queen of Practicality 

You remind the family to take a jacket before heading out, you save those little hotel shampoos, and you pay special attention to Shop-A-Docket savings. You’re not sure why anyone would need dinner after 7pm, and you take tissues wherever you go – just in case! You’ll freeze any leftovers, and perhaps even find yourself being a little judgemental about wastefulness and laziness.

When did you first realise you’d turned into your mother? Is becoming your mum something you’d rather avoid?