5 clever uses for your old clothing

If you’re planning on cleaning out your wardrobe, stop and think before you throw out your old, faded or torn clothing.

The clothes you can’t or don’t want to donate to the Salvos can actually come in handy around the house.

No doubt you’ve heard of or seen people turn old clothes into rags to wipe their hands with or mop the floor with.

But it turns out, there are a lot more uses for your old clothing.

Here are a few clever uses for your old clothing.

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1.Turn your socks into air fresheners

Ever find odd socks floating around your house? What about socks that have holes in them? Well, before you throw them out here’s a way you can reuse them. You can actually turn your odd or holey socks into potpourri air fresheners for your drawers, room, bathroom or near your shoes.  All you need to do is salvage the parts of the socks that don’t have holes, fill them with potpourri and then close the ends by hand stitching or sewing them shut. You’ll have your own potpourri air fresheners that will keep the smelly areas of your home fresher for longer.


2. Make a quilt out of your old shirts

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If you’re into quilting or crafts, you can always try turning your old t-shirts into a quilt. If your shirt had a cool logo or pattern on it that you really liked, this is a perfect way to preserve it. Simply cut the part of the shirt you want to preserve and use it on a patchwork quilt. It’s a great way to save your shirts. You can do the same with any item of clothing if you wish. Why not try a denim patchwork quilt with your old jeans? Or you can cut up your old ties or handkerchiefs and turn them into your very own quilting work of art.


3. Use them to make a cushion cover

If you’re feeling extra creative, this is a great way to save your old clothes and let your creativity flow. Whether it’s an old fluffy jumper, your old jeans or a nice old button up shirt, you can turn your clothes into a cushion cover. It’ll take plenty of sewing and stitching, not to mention adding a zipper or buttons, but if you’ve got the skills the results can be amazing. There are plenty of fancy examples online, including some very talented people who have made fancy cushion covers from old button up shirts, incorporating the buttons as well.

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4. Turn your old clothing into a bag

If you ever did home economics at high school, you might remember making a bag out of an item of clothing such as a pair of jeans. You name a bag and you can make it with just about any item of old clothing – from your denim jeans to an old shirt. Some clever, creative people have even mastered repurposing old buttons and zippers from their clothes for the bag. Again, it’ll take some sewing and stitching, but if you’ve got a knack for it – why not give it a go?


5. Use your old clothes to make new clothes

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There are so many ideas out there for repurposing your old clothes. From cutting off the sleeves of your shirt to make a singlet, to creating a beanie or gloves out of an old woollen jumper, your old clothes can easily become a new addition to your wardrobe. All you need is a little bit of vision and some creativity!


What do you do with your old clothing? Have you ever made anything out of your clothes?