19 unusual uses for coffee filters

Coffee filters are so inexpensive, and chances are you have stacks of them around your house, even if you haven’t brewed a coffee for a while! Why not try some of these awesome life hacks and uses for coffee filters?

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  1. Put a filter on the bottom of your plant pots, over the drainage holes to prevent too much drainage
  2. Spreading oil or butter on a cooking pan
  3. Stack china plates and prevent scratches by placing a filter between each
  4. Prevent splatter when heating something in the microwave
  5. Use as a makeshift rag. Coffee filters are lint free!
  6. Line your bamboo steamers
  7. Cut up filters, place them in a small tin – these can be used as face blotters/lipstick blotters
  8. Clean your glasses without leaving lint
  9. Clean computer or laptop screens, TV screens, and windows
  10. Use as a disposable “snack bowl”
  11. Make homemade tea bags by filling coffee filters with loose tea leaves and dried fruit peels. Tie together with string and voila
  12. Ward off unwanted odours from your shoe by applying a little bit of baking soda and wrapping it up in the filter to create a little sachet
  13. Put a couple of coffee filters in your pocket when you are outdoors – they help to wipe off sweat and dir
  14. Keep in your car glove box for window cleaning, to use as napkins and for quick cleanups
  15. Wipe the dipstick to check car’s oil level
  16. Get spills out of carpets, before they stain. While the spill is still wet, cover it with a coffee filter
  17. Remove fingernail polish
  18. Dry wine glasses and prevent water marks
  19. Filter lemon or lime juice

Which of these is your favourite?