18 amazing uses for cotton tips

Cotton tips are annoying little things sometimes – they always seem to be rolling around in our bathroom drawers. In actuality, these little sticks are actually great for other purposes than cleaning your ears or dabbing makeup – 16 other uses in fact.

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Here’s our favourite ways to use them, that we had no idea about!

  1. Face paint applicator for the grandkids
  2. Emergency supply of perfume – spray on tips and seal in ziplock bag!
  3. Pour a bit of nail polish remover into the cap of the bottle, dip the cotton swab in the lid, and use the end of the swab to remove any polish from around your nails
  4. Fix a stuck zipper by rubbing shampoo on the area with a cotton swab
  5. Fix a scuffed patent leather shoe by rubbing a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover on top of the scuff
  6. Touch up your makeup – moisten the tip with one or two drops of water
  7. Light a candle
  8. Clean your keyboard
  9. Clean your jewellery – dip the tip in a cleaning solution
  10. Clean off dust, grease and grime in tight spaces
  11. Polish your silver
  12. Touch up paint on furniture or floors
  13. Clean the small parts of your washing machine
  14. Clean your phone battery compartment
  15. Clean black gunk from coffee pot
  16. Clean our hairdryer lint
  17. Clean the bobbin area of a sewing machine
  18. Apply ointment or antiseptic to cuts

Do you use cotton tips in any of these ways?