17 things you didn't know you could put in your dishwasher

Back even 10 years ago, most of us didn’t have a dishwasher, but now they are a major part of the kitchen. But even still, did you know that they could be used in more ways than we think?

Here’s 17 things you didn’t know could be put in the dishwasher!

1. Sponges and dishcloths

Instead of chucking them out or leaving them to get even more germs, put your kitchen cloths and sponges in the cutlery basket.

2. Cleaning tools

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Plastic broom heads, dust pans, vacuum attachments and floor brushes can all go in. Remove excess dust and hair first.

3. Dog toys

Many pet toys are dishwasher-safe and can be run through a regular cycle.

4. Hairbrushes and combs

Plastic hairbrushes and combs can be cleaned in the dishwasher – make sure you remove any excess hair first so it doesn’t clog your drain. Don’t try this with natural bristles or wooden handles as the water and heat can damage them.

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5. Thongs (flip flops)

Yep! Your thongs will be fine in the dishwasher.

6. Light fixtures

Sturdy glass globes can easily be placed on the top rack and run through a gentle cycle (skip the heat dry, though). Antique or delicate glass fixtures should always be washed by hand.

7. Makeup brushes

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Regularly sanitise any brushes that touch your eyes and face by placing them in the cutlery basket, and let the dishwasher blast away dried makeup and dust.

8. Nail scissors and clippers

Your nail scissors and clippers can get some unpleasant gunk on them, but it’s nothing the dishwasher can’t clean off.

9. Keys

When you think about it, your keys are full of germs yet we touch them every day. Pop any singular non-electronic keys in the cutlery tray.

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10. Canvas shoes

Had a big day on the green? Your canvas shoes will be clean in no time if you pop them in the dishwasher.

11. Shower caddy

Your shower caddy gets covered in soap and scum from the shower, so if you have a metal one, pop it in the dishwasher.

12. Gardening tools

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Secure your gardening tools in the dishwasher rack. They’ll be clean before you know it.

13. Toothbrush

Is your toothbrush smelling a bit or needs a freshen up? Pop it in the dishwasher’s cutlery basket.

14. Potatoes

When you harvest potatoes, beets or turnips from your garden, place them in the top rack and run through a short dishwasher cycle without soap.

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15. Fake flowers

Place plastic flowers on the dishwasher’s top rack, and press the short cycle button.


Do you have any other tips?