16 amazing alternate uses for tea bags

Tea bags are a very inexpensive way to relax after a hard day, or get prepared for a new one. But what do you do with them if they’re past their expiry or you’re about to throw a used one out?

We’ve found 16 awesome ways to use your tea bags…which is your favourite?


1. Reduce puffiness around your eyes

Simply soak a tea bag in warm water and place on each eye for 20 minutes.

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2. Deodorise your floor coverings

All you need is some pre-brewed tea. Store your used tea bags in the fridge in a cup of water – enough to cover the surface you want to clean. Then open the used tea bags and let all of the leaves dry until they are still slightly damp, but no longer wet. Sprinkle the loose tea over rugs and carpets and leave them until they are totally dry. Then vacuum them up or sweep the dried tea leaves away!

3. Soothe sunburns

Make sure you don’t put them on hot! After tea bags have cooled in boiling water (pretend you’re making tea), place them on sunburns or minor burns.

4. Heal a bruise

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Put a soaked tea bag on a bruise to heal it faster. Ruptured capillaries, the smallest blood vessels in the body, create bruises.

5. Soak up odours in the fridge

Take the odours out of your fridge by placing a used tea bag on a small dish to soak up offensive smells

6. Clean a dirty mirror

Simply take a cool, used tea bag and wipe across the mirror and dry off with paper towel.

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7. Create air fresheners

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to dry used tea bags to create air fresheners. Once the oil wears off, simply add a few more drops to refresh. Also, because tea leaves absorb odours, these creative homemade air fresheners will work double-time to keep your living areas smelling great and you can hang them up by their string.

8. Have a detoxing bath

Because tea leaves contain antioxidants, bathing in warm water steeped with pre-brewed tea bags is great for your skin. Try hanging the used bags over the faucet and let the water run through them as you fill your bath, or even just drop the bags directly into the water to create a nourishing tea bath. Jasmine tea is great for an aromatherapy experience, while Chamomile tea will relax your whole body while you bathe.

9. Freshen your breath

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If you want fresher breath naturally, brew a tea bag twice then pour into a container. Swish around your mouth and voila! You can add some peppermint essence too if you like.

10. Treat your hair

Brew up some weak tea with your used bags and use after your shampoo to condition and soothe your hair and scalp.

11. Shine hardwood floors

Use weak tea made from pre-brewed bags to clean and shine hardwood floors and polish wood furniture.

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12. Dye grey hairs

Turn grey hair dark again without leaving your house! Make your own natural dye using brewed tea and herbs: Steep 3 tea bags in 1 cup boiling water. Add 1 tablespoon each of rosemary and sage (either fresh or dried) and let it stand overnight before straining. To use, shampoo as usual, and then pour or spray the mixture on your hair, making sure to saturate it thoroughly. Take care not to stain clothes. Blot with a towel and do not rinse. It may take several treatments to achieve desired results.

13. Boost your roses

Sprinkle new or used tea leaves (loose or in tea bags) around your rosebushes and cover with mulch to give them a boost. When you water the plants, the nutrients from the tea will be released into the soil, spurring growth. Roses love the tannic acid that occurs naturally in tea.

14. Clean your toilet

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Used tea bags are fantastic for removing stubborn stains in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Just leave them in the toilet for several hours, take them out, then flush the toilet and brush the bowl.

15. Prevent fleas

Sprinkle some dry used tea leaves around pet bedding to get rid of pesky fleas.

16. Make soap

Tea is a useful addition when making glycerine soap as the texture and scent can help make the soap smell and cleanse better.


Do you have any other uses for tea? Tell us below.