15 unusual and useful ways to use coffee grounds

Coffee is one of the great products that has stood the test of time, and it just keeps getting better and better! If you’re an at-home coffee maker but find yourself filling bins with used coffee grounds, then why not put them to good use? There are so many ways you can use both fresh and used coffee grounds again.

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So we’ve put together 15 of the best things you may not have known that coffee can do for you and around the home.

  1. Fridge deodoriser: Place a jar or small plate with used coffee grounds in your fridge to naturally deodorise it. Leave it there for a few days to eliminate odours that remain when old food has been left inside.
  2. Shine your hair: Coffee grounds are beneficial for adding a shine to your hair and helping condition it naturally. Massage a small amount into wet hair for a few minutes, then rinse it out! Your hair will smell great as well.
  3. Keep neighbourhood cats out of the garden: If you have regular nighttime visitors, sprinkle coffee around the garden with a small amount of lemon or orange juice over the coffee to deter them.
  4. Soften skin and keep cellulite at bay: Mix coffee with raw sugar, coconut oil, and a little bit of cinnamon, then massage the mixture in and rinse it off in the shower 15 minutes later. Your skin will appear firmer and feel softer.
  5. Keep your plants happy and healthy: To give your plants a boost, sprinkle some coffee grounds in the soil around their base and this will help to balance their PH and keep them healthy.
  6. Pest removal: You can get rid of pests without any harsh chemicals simply by using left over coffee grounds. Sprinkle them around areas that are home to insects and they should disappear within a few weeks.
  7. Room freshener: If you want to keep your bedroom or lounge room fresh, make a beautiful room deodoriser by doing the following. Take a small jar or vase and fill it midway with fresh or used coffee. Pop some artificial flowers inside it for a beautiful room freshener.
  8. A cheap and easy DIY facelift: Mix a quarter cup of coffee grounds with one egg white, and then spread the mixture over your face. Once it is dry and flakey, rub the mask off and rinse your face.
  9. Exfoliator: Exfoliating helps to stimulate blood flow and promote healthier and tighter skin. Just add mineral oil or vitamin E oil to old coffee grounds and scrub over skin.
  10. Stop smelly hands: If you’re cutting up smelly vegetables, then rub some coffee on your hands after you’re finished and rinse off with cold water. The smells will be gone!
  11. DIY pin cushions: If you need a quick and easy pin cushion for your craft or sewing, take a sock, fill it with half way with unused coffee grounds and secure it with either a rubber band or by tying it over itself.
  12. Make a sepia dye: If you’re helping grandkids with projects or are working on something of your own, make some coffee and pour it into a baking tray with some extra water to dilute it. Now you can dye things in the pan.
  13. Keep slugs away: Slugs and snails don’t like the acidity of coffee and won’t go near your plants if you sprinkle coffee around them.
  14. Clean your fireplace: Your house will smell like a fresh brew if you throw in some coffee grounds to the fireplace.
  15. Remove stains on furniture: Mix coffee grounds, warm water and vinegar together and rub onto the wood.

Do you have any other interesting ways to use coffee? If you do, share them here!