14 incredible uses for soda water

Hands up who has a bottle of soda water in their cupboard or fridge? It’s great with lime or lemon but did you know that this cheap drink can actually be very useful around the house?

Here’s 14 really impressive and clever uses:

1. Clean your windshield – instead of detergent in your wiper bottle under the bonnet, pour in soda water. It’ll clean your windscreen much better and without streaks.

2. Make fluffier pancakes – for a dairy free option or just to make the best pancakes ever, add the same amount of soda water as you would milk or water. The carbonation will help give make the pancakes lighter and airier. Yum!

3. Boost your plants – add flat soda water to your plant pot every week and watch them flourish.

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4. Make fluffier scrambled eggs – add soda water rather than more milk and see the difference!

5. Clean pet urine – blot the urine with paper towel then pour some soda water on the stain, blotting over it again. This will not only remove the stain, but it’ll also help remove the odour.

6. Clean porcelain – wipe some soda water over the surface and wipe dry to prevent water stains

7. Loosen rusty screws – don’t reach for the WD-40 just yet… try some club soda on a soaked rag and apply to the area. The carbonation will eat that rust!

8. Shine up stainless steel – do you have smudged or dirty stainless steel? Clean it as you would with paper towel, but replace any cleaning agents with soda water for a great shine.

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9. Give your hair new life – if your hair has just been dyed and is feeling a bit dry, give it a rinse with soda water instead of a final rinse with water.

10. Clean your gems – if your jewellery is looking a bit dirty or worse for wear, drop them into a glass of soda water and let soak overnight.

11. Remove stains on clothes – before reaching for that expensive stain remover, try a soak cloth with soda water and scrub the stain before washing.

12. Soothe your stomach – sip on club soda to soothe an upset stomach.

13. Get off baked on grease – while the cookware is still warm, pour in just enough soda water to cover the bottom, then let it sit while you eat. The carbon dioxide in the beverage will soften the food particles, keeping the mess from sticking, so washing will be very easy.

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14. Clean the toilet – pour a bottle of soda water into the toilet and let sit for 20 minutes. Scrub as you would and flush for a crystal clean toilet.


Do you have any other tips to add?