13 things I have learned travelling life’s road

We were sent this by Jacqui Lee and just had to agree with it! What have you learnt travelling life’s

We were sent this by Jacqui Lee and just had to agree with it!

What have you learnt travelling life’s road?

I have learned that the day I am ill and the bed is piled with rubbish, dishes in the sink and the rooms like a war zone, visitors queue at my door.

I have learned that when I clean the house to within an inch of its life no one visits.

I have learned that if I drop an earring it will under some heavy furniture, not just drop at my feet.

I have learned that when I throw away a spare earring, that is the day I find its mate.

I have learned that milk runs out just as the last shop closes.

I have learned if I buy a book at a garage sale I find it is missing the vital page with the ending.

I have learned the day I get a ‘good hair day’ I get caught in a rain storm.

I have learned that just as I finish washing the floor, the cat deposits a fur ball.

I have found that I get a hopeless case of hiccups at the quiet bit in the concert.

I have found when I make a super rich cheesecake with chocolate my hostess informs me she is dairy intolerant, (last week it was gluten)

I have found that the ‘quick look’ at emails has turned into an hour and I am now hopelessly late.

I have learned that the shoes that feel ‘so comfortable’ turn into vice like pincers as the day goes on.

I have learned that life wasn’’t meant to be easy, and every day I am reminded of that!

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  1. I’ve learned that most times when you turn the tap on in the kitchen sink to wash your hands…there’s a spoon lying directly under the flow.

  2. Travelling life’s road is one of highs and lows. No matter what obstacle one faces, there is always a way around it, over it and through it. Don’t take shortcuts and learn the route you want to take and never divert. You will only ever reach the end of that road once so enjoy the journey.

  3. Not quite but on the odd occasion. We can always remember those times of distress and wonder if some gremlin is fooling with is.

  4. oh how all negative, don’t like it, lets make all the shit things that happen to us be positive experiences

  5. I have learned just to “Take one day at a time – and if I get through today, then I am going OK”

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