13 clever uses for clear nail polish

Clear nail polish isn’t just for your nails – it has a multitude of great uses for around the home.

Here’s some of the best ways to use it today!

1. Smooth splinters

Wooden hangers, chairs, desks, tables etc all get wooden splinters from time to time, but this is an easy problem to fix: simply paint over the splinters with clear nail polish. It will seal the rough edges in.

2. Seal envelopes

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Not everyone likes licking envelopes or has enough patience to lick a whole pile, but there is an easy solution. Simply paint two lines of clear polish on the inside of each envelope flap, then press it closed.

3. Stop ladders in your stockings

If you see a run forming in your tights, just paint over it with clear nail polish to keep it from getting bigger.

4. Save cheap jewellery

Some cheap jewellery looks very expensive, until you get it a bit wet or wear it too much – then you get the dreaded green rings. Luckily, clear nail polish can prolong the life of your cheaper jewellery. Just paint over your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with a thin layer of clear nail polish to slow the rusting process.

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5. Make it easier to thread a needle

Not everyone has great eyesight or a steady hand required to thread a needle, or can stop the thread from fraying as it passes through. All you need to do next time you’re sewing is to grab the clear nail polish and dab on the end of your thread then let dry. It’ll go through the eye of the needle easily.

6. Secure button threads

Another sewing trick! Next time you’re sewing on a button, finish off the job with a swipe of clear nail polish, over the top of the button.

7. Makes labels smudge-proof

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Seal in markers and paint with clear nail polish. This is handy in the garden too!

8. Prevent rust rings

Keeping metal cans in our shower is handy but can lead to rust rings on our porcelain. One way to prevent this, other than taking the products out, is the coat the bottom of metal cans with clear nail polish.

9. Tighten loose screws

Before you tighten that screw again, either dip or coat the thread in clear nail polish. As it dries, it will create extra grip.

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10. Heal a wart

You can heal a plantar wart by covering it with nail polish. It works because the wart needs oxygen to live, but the nail polish prevents it from getting any. Just be sure to throw out the bottle when you’re finished.

11. Plug a small hole

Nail polish can seal small holes in screens, walls, glass and so on.

12. Prevent rust

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Dents, bumps and scratches can scrape the paint off of your car, making your car susceptible to rust. To make sure this doesn’t happen, paint a thin layer of nail polish onto the scraped off area and let it dry.

13. Waterproof your matches

Before camping or storing near wet or moisture, coat the flammable ends lightly with nail polish.


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