11 uses for soap you may not have realised

A humble bar of soap has some many other uses other than washing your hands or body, but like many of the items we use everyday, we can forget they are really versatile. Sometimes, we don’t even know their potential!

Here’s some other ways you can use soap you may not have realised.


1. Leather softener

If you like to wear your leather shoes without socks, or you have new shoes, they can give you bad blisters. To stop this, rub a slightly softened bar of soap on the inside of the back of the shoes. After a couple of applications the leather will soften up.

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2. Keep your fingernails clean in the garden

While you’re working in the garden, scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap. The bits of soap will prevent dirt from caking under your nails. It’s easier to wash too.

3. Relieve itches

Got bitten by a mosquito or bug? Rub the bites with a dampened bar of soap for instant itch relief.

4. Mark a hem

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If you don’t have any chalk on hand, use a sliver of bar soap to draw a line. It also washes out more easily.

5. Loosen stuck zippers

Loosen stuck or rusty zippers by sliding some bar soap up and down the zipper.

6. Detect gas leaks

Mix a solution of water and soap and rub along pipes. If it bubbles, that’s where your leak is – this tip is great for a flat tyre.

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7. Stop squeaky floorboards

Work a little moist soap into the cracks between the boards.

8. Help a sewing needle go through fabric more easily

Stick needle into soap then sew as normal – it’ll be a lot easier

9. Deodoriser

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For the simplest, cheapest way to deodorise your suitcase or drawer, place a bar of your favourite soap in there. The same goes for your car: a bar of pleasingly scented soap will last longer than the store bought air fresheners.


10. Pin cushion

Wrap a bar of soap in a bit of cloth and use it as a pin cushion.

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11. Stop restless leg syndrome

This is a bit of a strange one but some people swear by putting a bar of lavender soap under your sheet at the end of your bed to stop restless legs.


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