11 great alternate uses for baby powder

Baby powder isn’t just for babies! It has a multitude of different uses for around the house and in daily life.

If you don’t have grandies around or aren’t a regular user of the stuff, it’s very inexpensive and worth having in your cupboard.

Here’s 11 of our favourites. What else do you use baby powder for?


1. Dry shampoo

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If your hair is looking and feeling a little bit greasy, don’t go and wash it immediately. Instead, tip your head forward and dust in some baby powder. Rub it in and give it a comb. The baby powder will dry out the moisture, giving you another day without washing.

2. Remove grease stains on clothing

Did you or someone in your house spill their dinner on their clothes? It happens, but it isn’t always so easy to fix. Luckily, if you have some baby powder handy, you can sprinkle it on and dab around the stain. Brush off and repeat until the stain is gone, and then wash as normal.

3. Remove sand

It might not be summer yet but sand can be in the least obvious places, all year round. If you’ve got a lot of sand between your toes, pat on some baby powder and the sand will come right off.

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4. Pet shampoo

Like the dry shampoo for humans, you can do the same for pets. If your pet’s hair is matted or not looking its best, get out the baby powder and apply to their hair. Rub it and either leave it or rinse off to give a better and cheaper wash.

5. Loosen playing cards

This is an age old trick but it works a charm. If you’re like me and love a game of cards, you’ll know that tiny bit of frustration that comes from separating cards. So next time you get a new deck, take them out of the box and pop in a ziplock bag with some baby powder. Seal and shake well. The cards will be smooth!

6. Untangle necklaces

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Tangled necklaces can be a real time suck especially if you’re on your way out the door. There’s a solution, however, and it only takes a second. Sprinkle some baby powder on the chain where it’s knotted – this will loosen up the knot.

7. Protect new flowers

If you’ve just bought new flower bulbs, give them a dust with baby powder before you plant them. Place a few (around five or six) of your bulbs into a ziplock bag with about three tablespoons of baby powder. Seal the bag and give it a shake or two, or three. The baby powder will coat the roots of the bulb, protecting it from rot and all other nasties.

8. Repel ants and bugs

In wet weather, it seems as if ants just won’t go away, not matter what you try. But handy baby powder can get rid of them easily, just sprinkle a bit around your window panes, in the cracks on your floors, or even around your picnic blanket. The ants won’t be able to walk through the powder.

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9. Air freshener

Even if you don’t like the smell of baby powder, it is a great deodoriser. Simply add your favourite essential oil and place in small containers to absorb smells.

10. Bulk up eyelashes

If you have short and stumpy lashes, never fear! In between coats of mascara, dab on some baby powder with a cotton tip. Then apply the next coat.

11. Dry out your old recipe books

Much loved cook books are wonderful but have you noticed grease stains in them? This can be fixed with baby powder. Simply sprinkle it on and leave for an hour. Wipe away with a cloth.