100-year-old woman sews over 1000 dresses for African girls

For most, living to 100 would be an achievement in itself, but not for Lillian Weber. She wanted to reach a much bigger goal: sewing 1000 dresses for African girls.

That’s more than three dresses every day for a year! And now, Lillian has just finished sewing her 1051st dress.

She is donating the dresses to a Christian organisation called Little Dresses for Africa.

Since the non-profit organisation’s inception, it has sent millions of dresses to close to 50 African countries.

According to founder and director, Rachel O’Neill, the simple pillowcase frocks are so much more than a new piece of clothing.

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“Lives are really saved because of these dresses. When a little girl is wearing a new dress they’re much less likely to be messed with because someone knows they’re being taken care of,” said O’Neill.

But the simple pattern was not enough of a challenge for the great grandmother – she wanted to make dresses with special details.

Speaking to Fox News, Ms O’Neill said, “There’s no age limit to this. Somebody who’s 100 years old still putting out this quality with such a positive and inspirational message, it’s just been wonderful”.

So what is Lillian’s advice for living a long, passionate life?

“Go to bed early, get up late, and as for eating it’s whatever you enjoy”, she said.

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And on Lillian’s 100th birthday in May, Ms O’Neill surprised her by presenting a plaque to thank her.

The centenarian has five children (one is deceased), 12 grandchildren, and 20 great grandchildren. Sweetly, her great granddaughter, Allison, said age was no barrier to her great grandmother’s talents.

“She doesn’t just stop what she’s doing because she’s older, she keeps doing what she wants to do,” said Moore.

It’s an inspiration to us all.

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Do you sew or knit anything for charity? If so, what? How often do you do it? What is your main reason for offering your time?

Main image credit: NBC News