10 things you can buy cheaper on eBay

Are you only buying things in store? You could be paying much more than you need to for everyday items – they are much cheaper on eBay, from phone cases to shoes, jewellery and craft!

Don’t pay much more than you need to. All you need is a bit of patience to wait for delivery, but the possibilities are endless, and it should be the first place you look for just about everything.

Here’s our tips for buying on eBay!

Phone cases

You may have seen those kiosks at your local shopping centre, but I can tell you now – they will be charging you double what you can pay on eBay, or even more. Phone cases on eBay range from $0.50 to about $10, and are the same quality you would get in store as they import them from China too.

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Some people are skeptical about purchasing shoes online but many eBay stores have sizing charts to make sure you get the right size. You can find used pairs of quality brands for a fraction of the store price, or you can buy brand new from international sellers for around $5-$15.

Men and women’s clothes

It sounds like a no brainer but so many people would rather go into the local shops than have a browse through eBay. For example, I want some plain t-shirts but the cheaper I can find in store is $10. On eBay, you can buy plain tops and dresses for $2.


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Want a designer-looking wallet but don’t have the cash? Wallets/purses are so cheap on eBay and look just as good as ones you would buy from a department store. You’re looking at about $15 maximum.


While it’s not going to be your gold and silver premium items. eBay has loads of junk jewellery to choose from that is surprisingly well made but so very cheap. Next time you need a simple chain necklace, have a browse.

Craft items

Are you super crafty? eBay is an absolute gold mine for almost everything craft related that you can think of: colouring books, clay, paints, paint brushes, beads – you name it, you’ll find it cheaper here.

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Don’t pay $20 for a new charger – you can buy one for under $5 on eBay for the exact same quality as one from the store. Electronics categories on eBay include:

Mobile phones and accessories (think devices, cases, cables, screens, stands etc), computers and tablets, cameras and photography (including bags, lenses, straps, lens covers), home entertainment, audio and other electronics (headphones etc), and video games and consoles.

Spare parts

I have bought all of my spare parts for my cars off eBay (a Renault and a Hyundai) and they are a quarter or less of the price you would pay at even the wreckers, except they are brand new. Need a new spark plug? eBay has it. Need a timing belt? eBay has it. Electric window motor gone? eBay has it!

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Pet products

Pet medication can be hard to find and expensive, but eBay sells it cheaply, along with a myriad of other pet products such as toys, bedding and supplies.

Costumes and wigs

Got a party coming up? Don’t bother with the expensive party shop, eBay has a huge costume section with absolutely everything you could dream of in there, all for much less than you’d pay elsewhere. The only catch? You have to wait for it to be delivered.


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eBay’s number one category is Collectables. It is truly a collector’s dream out there! These are just a few of the types of collectables they have…

  • Animals
  • Barware
  • Bottles, Jars, Jugs
  • Flags
  • Historical Memorabilia
  • Homeware, Kitchenware
  • Knives, Swords

In the website’s own words: “It is easy to find many different types of collectibles that celebrate Australia’s rich history, including historical advertising for Bundaberg Rum, or an enamel sign announcing the presence of Coca-Cola. Of course, there is much more to collecting than signage and beverage. You may want to add a vintage jukebox to your home or even display a collectible knife over your mantle. On eBay, it is easy to search for all manner of historical or kitschy collectibles that can add a unique and vibrant air to any room”.

eBay buying tips

These are some top tips for buying on the site:

  1. Set your maximum – think of the maximum you want to pay, and enter it as your maximum bid for the item you want. Your winning price may be less than the maximum you set – eBay is smart enough to bid only the amount needed to win the item, up to your maximum.
  2. Review your email as often as possible – If you are outbid on an item, you’ll be sent an outbid notice by eBay.
  3. Research your item – To avoid disappointment with your purchase, make sure you’ve researched your item before you buy.
  4. Research the seller’s reputation – almost every transaction on eBay goes smoothly. Sellers and buyers are almost always genuine, but just in case, you should check the feedback score and comments about them before you commit.
  5. Open a PayPal account – PayPal accounts allow you to use your credit cards for payment without revealing any details to the seller. In fact it’s one of the safest payment methods in the world. PayPal will also make international transactions so much easier, because PayPal converts the currency for you. It’s a free service too.
  6. Add to your watch list – Adding items to your watch list if you’re not sure when or if you’ll buy it. This way you can see how much items are being sold for, and you can determine whether your budget is realistic.
  7. Check the postage charges – Many sellers will include the postage or delivery charges in their listing. Consider these charges when setting your budget. Postage charges can vary between sellers for the same item, and will make a difference to the end price you pay for the item.
  8. Try “Buy It Now” – If you want that item now, then look at listings which allow you to “Buy It Now”.
  9. Ask the seller a question – If you are not sure about something regarding the item, you should ask the seller a question.