10 clever ways you can use baby oil around the house

If you’ve got baby oil laying around the house but you don’t have a baby, don’t throw it out!

It turns out, baby oil is actually a very useful item to have laying around.

You can use it for more than just a baby’s bottom.

Not only does it smooth and soften, it’s also a useful lubricant, cleaner and refinisher.

Here are 10 ways you can use baby oil around your home.

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1. Soothe dry or cracked heels

If you have dry or cracked heels, you’ll know irritating they can be. That’s where baby oil can help. That’s right, all you’ll need is some baby oil and a pair of socks and you’re set. Just apply some baby oil on your heel before you go to bed, put some socks over the top and you’ll wake up with softer, smoother heels. Your feet will also smell better thanks to the light fragrance in the baby oil.



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2. Get rid of ear wax

There’s no denying how unpleasant ear wax can be, whether it’s a build up in your ears leaving you struggling to hear or some unsightly ear wax making your eyes look yellow, it can be a challenge to get rid of. Why not try using baby oil? Try laying on your side or tilting your head affected ear up, drop five drops of warm baby oil in your ear and leave it sit long enough to dissolve the wax. Next, let the oil drain onto a towel or into the sink. Use warm winter in a needle-less syringe to remove any leftover oil or bits of wax.


3. Remove paint from your skin

If you’re using a latex paint, chances are it’ll become stuck to and stain your skin. Luckily, baby oil can help degrade the latex and cause the paint to flake off your skin. Just rub some bay oil onto the paint spot with a cotton ball or cloth, rub it firmly in a circle without applying too much pressure and then scrub with soap and water once the paint starts to flake or come off.

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4. Add it to your bath

Next time you have a bath, add a few drops of baby oil. Your skin will feel softer and silkier because of it! Plus the light fragrance will make your skin and bath smell lovely.


5. Use it as massage oil

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With it’s lubricating abilities, ability to soften and smooth your skin and soft fragrance, baby oil makes for a great massage oil. It’ll leave your skin feeling soft and supple and the fragrance helps relax you.


6. Polish wooden furniture

Does your wooden furniture look a little dull or stained? Try rubbing some baby oil on it to give it a quick polish. The minerals in the baby oil will give your wooden furniture a shine and help create a water-proof barrier.


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7. Take off your eye make up

Want to remove your eye make up without irritating your eyes? Try using some baby oil. Just dab a bit of baby oil on a cotton ball and gently rub it over your eye make up. If there’s excess oil on your skin, remove it with another cotton ball. Not only will your eye make up be gone, your eye lids will feel soft and smooth.


8. Put some on your skin after shaving

Baby oil doesn’t just have beauty uses for women. For men, it can be a handy after-shave oil for your neck. Try putting it over the stop of your moisturiser to look in the freshness. Because it’s can be used anywhere but your face, it’s also useful for using after shaving your legs or underarms.

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9. Remove sticky items from your hair and skin

Have you ever had bubblegum stuck in your hair? What about hot wax stuck to your skin? Before you panic, reach for the baby oil. Apply some baby oil to the wax or bubblegum, leave it sit for a few minutes and then rub it with your fingertips. It’ll make the gum easier to get out and soften the wax. Baby oil is also useful for ripping off band aids, particularly where you might have hair. All you need to do is rub some baby oil around the bandaid. Leave it sit for a bit and then either rip the band aid off or wait for it to fall off – it’ll be far less painful than usual.


10. Untangle your necklace

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Don’t you just hate it when your necklace tangles up? Instead of getting frustrated and throwing it out or stashing it away in jewellery box, try using baby oil. Simply bath the necklace in some baby oil. The oil will lubricate the metal links of your necklace, making it easier to seperate them. If there’s a big tangled knot, the oil will work the same – all you’ll need to do is use a pin to work the knot out. And the best thing is it won’t damage your jewellery.


Do you use baby oil for any of these things? How do you use baby oil at home?