10 clever ways to heat your home without increasing your energy bill

As many of us have just experienced the first cold snap of the year, you’re not the only one worried about your energy bill. Of course, the best way to warm a home is to make sure it is designed properly but we can’t all go out and build a new home.

So instead, we’ve put together a few tips to keep your home cozy this winter. Here are a few clever and sustainable ways to stay warm and heat your home without spending extra money on your energy bill. They are cheap and easy! With a few adjustments and no extra fee to your energy bill, you may not even notice the drop in temperature. Are you prepared for winter? Will you try any of these suggestions?

1. Add cozy blankets to your couches and bedroom.

  • It may seem obvious but add some blankets to your living areas. An extra layer of fabric to snuggle up into can make a huge difference and help you stay warm.

2. Swap your curtains.

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  • Using heavy curtains to stop heat escaping from the windows will help keep you feeling warmer. These curtains can act as an insulator to hold the warmth in your home.

3. Embrace the sunshine

  • Let the sunshine in during the day. It’s important to use as much natural and free heat as possible. Close your curtain as soon as dusk falls to maximise and retain that heat from the day.

4. Close off rooms that aren’t in use

  • Luckily, your furniture can’t feel the cold so there is no need to heat empty rooms. Turn on/off your energy accordingly to maximise warmth in rooms that you use.
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5. “Reuse” oven heat

  • When you’ve finished cooking dinner in the oven, leave the door open to warm the kitchen further!

6. Place rugs in open areas 

  • You may not need these rugs during the summer but during winter, your living area may need a quick fix to insulate the floors. By placing a rug on your tiles or concrete flooring, it will help assist in your insulation efforts.

7. Rearrange furniture 

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  • Move things around to ensure beds and couches aren’t up against uninsulated walls. If you can, put your bookshelves against external walls as they can act as an additional layer of insulation.

8. Watch out for mini-drafts

  • A lot of drafts can come through letterboxes or pet door flaps. It’s worthwhile to put up an extra barrier to prevent a chilling breeze coming through.

9. Switch your fan 

  • If you have a ceiling fan, utilise them to circulate heat in your home. Switch the fan from summer to winter settings so it runs the reverse, which pushes warm air back down into the room.
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10. Clean your air-con

  • Probably a good idea to do regardless but ensure all vents and filters are clean and not obstructed. If there is something covering it, warm air will not flow as easily as it will be trapped in the filter instead of circulating your home.


Are you prepared for the upcoming winter conditions? Share your home heating tips and ideas in the comments below!