10 amazing ways you can reuse silica gel packets

Next time you find one of these pesky little gel packets, don’t be so quick to toss it away. By saving them up, you’ll be able to protect countless possessions around the home, improving your life in some small but very tangible ways.

Which of these will you be trying?

1. Protect your photos – Put silica gel packet in the boxes where you store your photos to keep them safe and dry.

2. Keep your shoes from smelling – If you have some smelly shoes around the house, pop some silica gel packets in them to get rid of moisture and odours.

2. Extend the life of razor blades – Oxidation and moisture is the reason that razor blades fall to pre-mature dulling. A good tip is to keep a Tupperware half full of silica gel near by and after shaving, blot dry your razor and store the razor in the closed Tupperware that has 4 -5 silica gel packets.

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3. Dry your makeup or travel bag – If you toss a few packets of silica gels into a Ziplock bag, it has enough water and moisture fighting ability to withstand any spills.

4. Keep an underwater cameras dry – Waterproof cameras are super fun but sometimes the condensation can end up damaging the camera or leave a fog streak across your lens. Stop this from happening by storing a packet or two of silica-gel packets in the camera case or with the camera. It will dry all of the excess water out.

5. Salvage a wet mobile phone – This one is essential. If you accidentally drop your phone in water, place it in a bowl filled with silica gel packets (dry rice will work, too, in an emergency). Leave it there at least overnight before powering it on again.

6. Protect your silverware – Moisture can lead to tarnish and corrosion on silver and jewellery. Slip a silica gel packet in your silver chest or jewellery box to keep those items tarnish free and looking great!

7. Keep your seeds safe – If you save your own seeds for planting next year, storing them so they don’t mould is important. Add a silica gel packet to your container, making sure it’s airtight. Store the different seeds in small envelopes and then put them all in an airtight container together with the silica gel packet. You only need one per shoe box-sized container.

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8. Protect documents – Protect personal papers and important documents by putting some gel in a baggie wherever these are stored.

9. Dry your flowers – If you enjoy drying flowers, these can be used in a cinch to help the process go faster. Store in a paper bag with the a couple packets.

10. Preserve bulk pet food – Have you noticed that if you buy a big bag of pet food, it can get soggy? Store your kibble in a bin and tape some silica packs to the bottom of the lid.

Which of these tips are most valuable to you? Do you save your gel packets?