Time to shine: How to spring clean your barbecue quickly and easily

Aug 17, 2021
Mmmm spring/summer barbecues, here we come! Source: Getty

Cleaning the barbecue always seems like one big, messy, unpleasant job. If your barbecue is out of sight outside, it’s out of mind, so cleaning it can often end up being a task you put off until it is unavoidable (like when you lift the lid and find some uninvited guests feasting)!

My last barbecue cleaning attempt was a disaster. I clogged up the laundry sink hole with metal brush bristles and harsh words.

This time, however, it was all about product research, so I had another go. The result was a clean grill with much less effort, thanks to White Magic’s barbecue cleaning brushes and eco cloths. Here are my thoughts on these handy tools, which are all available on Starts at 60’s Marketplace.

White Magic Small Double Helix Barbecue Brush, $45.95

This handsome silver beast is my new go-to when cleaning the barbecue. It has two galvanised wire twisted springs that scrape the barbecue grill like a ninja. The spring shape scours the side and top of the grill at the same time.

White Magic says the patented continuous bristle design means the brush will maintain its shape and integrity. It certainly looks solid compared with other barbecue cleaning tools I’ve used in the past, and has a comfortable grip.

I like to use it after cooking is completed but while the barbecue is still hot. This means the grill is clean next time I want to barbie. If you forget, just use it before you cook. Start by preheating the barbecue for about 10 minutes on high. Then, wet the brush in a bowl of water and rub it over the grill to scrub off all debris. Repeat the process as the grill dries out. When you are finished, rinse the brush in water or put it in the dishwasher.

Small Double Helix Barbecue Brush. Source: White Magic

White Magic Medium Brass Spiral Barbecue Brush, $49.95

This heavy-duty brush features long bristles that go between grill bars to clean the sides and short bristles that scrub the top. The best way to use this brush is by dipping it in water and then scrubbing a hot barbecue. First, preheat the barbecue for 10 minutes on the highest heat, then, clean the grill by rotating the brush around the bars, using the sides to get into corners. When it’s dirty, rinse it in warm water or put it in a dishwasher.

Medium Brass Spiral Barbecue Brush. Source: White Magic

White Magic Eco Cloth Barbecue 2 Pack, $15.95

This pack contains two large (32 x 32 cm) Eco Cloths that can be used to clean off barbecue areas other than the grill and hot plate.

Use the double-sided Eco Barbecue cloth for cleaning fat and oil from plastic, stainless steel, enamel and glass bits around the barbecue. It’s simple to use. Simply wet the cloth with hot water and wring out the excess. The scrubbing side is great for stubborn marks, and although the fabric is abrasive, it won’t scratch. Use the smooth side to wipe away the loose bits.

The Polishing Cloth is for drying and polishing all flat surfaces. It gives a lint and streak-free finish on steel, stainless steel, polished timber, and plastic. I found it also worked wonders on my rangehood.

Throw your dirty cloths in the washing machine to clean. Just remember not to use fabric softener or bleach, and dry on the line.

Eco Cloth Barbecue 2 Pack. Source: White Magic

The verdict

These tools do the job simply and efficiently. They are so much better than the old metal bristle brushes and expensive caustic chemical barbecue cleaners I used before. You can find them on the Starts at 60 Marketplace, here.

Top tips for barbecue cleaning

  • Do a quick clean of the barbecue plate at the end of every barbecue cooking session. This stops food build-up and keeps vermin at bay because we all know that cockroaches and rats love a dirty barbecue!
  • Clean while the barbecue is still hot, even if you have to reheat it.
  • Make sure you clean the drip tray under the barbecue when you finish.
  • Don’t forget to give the outside of the barbecue a wipe down to keep the surface looking new.
  • Oil your food, not the grill! This reduces the build-up of food debris on your grill, so there’s less to clean off.
  • A barbecue cover is a great idea that will protect your barbecue from the elements.

For a full range of BBQ accessories, head to Starts at 60’s Marketplace, here.

Do you have any BBQ cleaning tips to share?

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