The Starts at 60 Best of the Year 2021

Dec 10, 2021
The old lady enjoys life, travels by car and is happy to recover from her illness. A new life is here! Source: Getty

It’s the list you’ve all been waiting for … the ‘Starts at 60 Best of the Year’.  It’s the detailed list of the most popular 15 products in the Starts at 60 Marketplace and the top 3 products Travel at 60. 

In the marketplace this year, there’s been some exciting standouts, spanning fashion, health, home and beauty chiefly.   And we’re going to count them down from 15 to 1. 

In travel, with many borders locked, there has been three very popular holidays.  See the travel list – click here.


15. Three big health remedies helping chafing, skin tags and pain

We’ve grouped together the first ‘best of the year qualifiers’ – so we can surface the three most popular health remedies for common problems faced in your sixties and beyond that are regularly solved or at least eased: 

  • Excessive sweating which often causes chafing between the legs, armpits and in other places.  This can be treated with the 3B range of creams and powders
  • Skin tags and warts, unsightly small growths of skin which can be treated for removal with the Natural Willow Wart and Skin Tag Gel
  • Aches and pains, usually in the joints which can be treated with the Kunzea pain relief, an anti-inflammatory cream that contains 100% natural active ingredients, plus Vitamin E, for muscle, joint and mild nerve pain. It is the signature product in the Zea Relief Range.


14. The Easyrest Back Rest

Convenient! Comfortable! Designed to help you sit up comfortably in bed, this backrest is loved and sells out frequently.  It is very popular with book-lovers and those who watch their ipads in bed.  It is also known to be helpful for those who suffer heartburn, are recovering from shoulder surgery and need to sleep or rest in a more upright position.  


13.  The Portable Mini Electric Food Processor and Portable Blender

These two little appliances are perfect for caravans, designed to bring you the comforts of home in a compact-on-the-road format.  They are well priced and make great gifts for caravanning family members too. 


12.  Pure Organic Turmeric Curcumin Capsules and Turmeric Latte Blend 

The anti-inflammatory properties of this Pure Organic Turmeric Curcumin Capsules is well-known.  They contain the key ingredient of biperin or black pepper, widely shown to increase absorption by up to 1600%.  

Lovers of turmeric also seem to enjoy the Turmeric Latte, a tasty drink made from this very popular and therapeutic spice.  


11. Light bladder leakage underwear 

Ladies are increasingly managing light bladder leakage issues with sensual, stylish and shapely underwear with absorbent gussets, in two different and both very popular styles: 


10. Mulberry Gin

This naturally sweet and boldly tart sloe gin is blended with macerated mulberries to create a rich and smooth mulberry flavours that distinguish this elegant gin. Mulberry Gin a seasonal favourite, delightful when served with ginger beer.  


9. Natural botanical Hydrating Skin Serum and Vitamin-C Moisturiser designed for mature skin

Two skincare products have been extremely popular in our range from Boutique Botanicals skincare.  


8. The Margaret Midi Cotton Dress – Port Girmaud Print

This is easily one of our best selling dresses, made of high quality cotton. This fabulous shift dress shows a detailed array of tiny embroidered crosses. An organic cotton that will be beautiful to wear on those hot summer days, this style is easily dressed up or down and easy to wear. 


7. A gorgeous selection of printed tea towels, pot holders and aprons

The most popular of our printed tea towels and pot holders include the very cute: 

  • Cats tea towel
  • Koala Tea Towel
  • Golf tea towel
  • Sausage Dogs Oven Glove and Pot Holder Set


6. Retirement Made Simple: Book by Noel Whittaker

This book will be your guide for the rest of your life. In the simple style for which Noel is renowned, indispensable as you seek out a happy, healthy and prosperous retirement.


5. Stuff we had in the 50s and 60s: Book by Pam Van Der Kooy

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. For those growing up in the ‘50s and ‘60s, this book will bring back those beautiful memories of freedom, imagination, mateship, communication and innocence.


4.  The Vass Garden Caddy

This brand new Aussie invention is designed to sit over your green garden waste wheelie bin so that you can conveniently cart everything around the garden with you and put those garden hand tools somewhere where you cannot possibly lose them !


3. The Eloise Midi Dress: Multiple patterns

The Eloise is one of our best selling styles as it looks fabulous on all body shapes. The midi-length provides a little more coverage, while still making the most of a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Very flattering V neckline shift style dress which has a back tie feature to cinch in or let it loose!  See all the patterns currently available here. 


2.  Lifelike animal companions: for ageing animal lovers

These friendly lifelike animal companions are machine-washable, hypoallergenic, safe and ethically handcrafted to international standards. They make beautiful gifts and are often enjoyed by people in aged-care facilities, hospitals, and recommended by organisations/professionals that assist people with loneliness, PTSD, anxiety, stress, dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, Asperger’s, depression and other mental health issues or emotional wellbeing.  See the huge range here.  And our community’s favourites: 


1. The Stella Dress

One of our most popular styles ever, it’s hard to beat this season staple dress!

Featuring short sleeve and ¾ sleeve options a v-neckline that’s not too deep and an easy fit to just below the knee, it’s endlessly flattering and gives coverage where you need it. The fabrication is an easy-care stretch mix with no need to iron! And there’s a huge array of colours and patterns. See them all here. 


The top three holidays in Travel at 60

It might have been a tough year for travel, but that just did not keep you, our wonderful community at bay.  This year the three most loved and most sought-after holidays were …

3.  The Circle Australia Cruise

This extremely popular cruise (which only runs twice a year, and can sell out years in advance) has just gone on sale for late 2023 and early 2024 and has been extremely popular.  It departs from Sydney & Brisbane.

2. Our Longreach & Winton community holidays (NEW DATES!)

There’s no better way to experience the outback and its resilient pioneers (past and present) than this comprehensive itinerary across Longreach and Winton, ending with a rail journey from Longreach to Brisbane on the charming Spirit of the Outback.  This weekend, with this article, we launch a new series of departures for 2022.  So get on over and have a look.

1. The Starts at 60 70s Festival on Fraser Island

Back in May 2021 we held our first major event holiday, a 70s festival on Fraser Island.  It was magical!  Nearly 100 people came together for three nights with terrific entertainment, incredible costumes and the best 70s music.

If you missed the fun, the Starts at 60 community has a whole new nostalgic getaway planned on Moreton Island next May – a 1960s festival! Explore the island by day, feed the dolphins at sunset, and relive the 1960s by night with trivia, music, dancing and prizes for the best dressed!

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