How to dress for your body shape

Dec 19, 2021
How to dress to your body shape? We've asked our stylist!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Which outfit choice will help me look 6ft tall!

Over the years, we get to know our body and its changing dimensions pretty well. Most of us also have a fair idea of what suits us best – whether that’s calf-length capris or three-quarter sleeves – and we usually stick to what we know and feel comfortable in. But then along comes some exciting new-season styles and, as much as we might want to experiment, we often don’t feel confident in how to adapt them to our non-perfect shapes. Sound familiar?

Starts at 60’s fashion guru and stylist Jodie Piper, who has worked in women’s fashion for decades, knows a thing or two about dressing for your shape. She has thankfully stepped in to trouble-shoot some of the most common wardrobe worries – and to help you find your most flattering style. Whether you’re a Pear, an Apple, a Rectangle, or a Petite, here’s how to not just look good but feel good too.


If you have a rectangular body shape, your shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width. This means your waist is fairly straight, rather than curvaceous. The best tip our stylist Jodie had for dressing for a rectangular shape is to break the rectangle up. Jodie shared that your best bet in doing this is to wear a lower neckline. Scoop, v-neck and detailed collars help draw away from broad shoulders, accentuate waistlines and highlight collarbones. 

Additionally, a little flare from the waist down draws-in the waist, while hiding any lumps and bumps. The Eloise dress in Menton print is the perfect piece to really accentuate a rectangular body, with its v-neckline, flared skirt, and fun, detailed pattern. 

Jan is wearing The Eloise Dress in menton print with the atlantis pod necklace in white and the Bueno Josie wedge in tan.


If you have an apple body shape, your shoulders waist and hips are all about the same width, but your shoulders and hips might be a little bit smaller, or your waist a little bigger. You likely have a large bust and an undefined waistline. Our stylist Jodie believes that dressing an apple body shape is easy, if you know how.

Jodie says the easiest tip for dressing an apple shape is looking for a piece that accentuates your shoulders, neckline and bust, while balancing out the heaviness of your middle. The Isla frill midi dress in the Sur Mer Print is the ideal dress for an apple shape. It’s bright print hides any roundness in the middle, while its sleeves accentuate the shoulders, shaping the body into a more hourglass figure. It’s comfy swing design and lightweight material also ensure comfort. It’s the best pick for an apple shape.

Karen is wearing the Isla Midi Frill dress in sur mur print, with the Hattie stone necklace in clear and Bueno Stella shoes in dark stone.


Being petite is more of a struggle than some may realise. Clothing can swamp you and alterations are almost an expectation when you buy anything new. Your body may be any shape, but it’s small. You still want something that will accentuate all your best features, and hide any wobbly or unsightly body parts you don’t want seen, but it’s hard to find something that does that while flattering your body. 

Jodie shares that you’ll know you’re petite if you’re under 5’3″, if regular sleeves are usually too long on you, or if pockets, shoulders, and knees often fall to the wrong spot on your body. She shares that your goal is to elongate your body, so finding an item that makes you comfortable, fits well, and also elongates is the goal. Enter: The Eliza oversize dress in Chateau Usse print. The Eliza dress is the perfect piece, as its funky combination of stripes and patterns work in collaboration with its tailored top and flowy skirt to lengthen without swamping.

Ruth is wearing the Eliza oversize dress with Pastel Candy Elasticised bracelets in pink, and her own shoes.


If you have a pear-shaped body, your shoulders are smaller than your hips, and you have a defined waist. You may have thicker thighs, but you’ve got curves, baby! Our stylist Jodie shares that patterns are your best bet in balancing out a wider bottom half. She says that boat neck and short sleeves assist to draw eyes away from a wide tush. 

The Margaret dress in Port Girmaud print is the ideal dress for a pear figure, as is has soft sleeves to broaden shoulders and draw eyes away from the bottom, while the boat neckline and funky pattern adds balance to the overall figure. What a great addition to your wardrobe!

Jan is wearing the Margaret dress in Port Girmaud print with the Beach Please long tide necklace in sea blue with Bueno Stella shoes in coconut.


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