Smokin! Get ready to thrill on the grill at your next summer BBQ

Oct 08, 2021
The best barbecue items to get that trademark smoky flavour. Source: Getty Images.

When it came to cooking food, our earliest ancestors would often smoke the meat from their most recent hunt to help preserve and sanitise it. Nowadays, the appeal of smoking meats is to enhance the flavour, which has seen a considerable rise in popularity in the cooking method across the globe.

Kitchen Table owner and executive chef, Javier Chavez, recently told NBC, “It really brings out a unique flavour profile in the meat that is unmatched. The smokiness adds another layer of flavour to the meat, just like adding salt and pepper, but it goes way beyond that.”

Meat prepared in a smoker also tends to be more tender, with a signature smoky flavour. Patience is the key, however, as the process can take several hours to achieve the unique flavour profile and desired tenderness.

If you’re looking to enjoy the deliciousness of smoked meat at home, you can choose from a range of gas, electric or charcoal smokers, which are available on the Starts at 60 Marketplace. Charcoal smokers will provide that trademark strong smoky flavour, while gas and electric smokers will offer more convenience and cook faster. Fortunately, the Starts at 60 Marketplace has all your smoked-meat preparation needs covered. Let’s get cooking!


2 in 1 Offset BBQ Smoker, $209.95

2-in-1 Offset BBQ Smoker

Get two-for-one value with this combination grill and smoker. The sealed, thick metal body of the smoker provides heat retention and distribution, ensuring the natural flavours are absorbed into the meat for the best taste. A built-in thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature for ideal cooking results, with all coming together to provide the ultimate taste experience for you and your guests.


Charcoal Bbq Smoker Grill Steel Oven, $89.95

Charcoal Bbq Smoker Grill Steel Oven

If you’re after that trademark smoky flavour for your meat, the Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill Steel Oven is the perfect choice. Comprised of a chrome-coated steel BBQ grill, a sturdy frame and two wheels for easy movability, this oven will turn you into a smoked meat master. It’s the perfect addition to any party or backyard barbecue.


3 In 1 Barbecue Smoker Charcoal BBQ Grill, $106.95
3 in1 bbq smoker charcoal bbq grill
If convenience is what you’re after, the three-in-one Barbecue Smoker Charcoal BBQ Grill has that in spades. The barbecue barrel has multiple uses, including grilling, food smoking and slow cooking. When the food is all done, take the top two sections off and relax as you enjoy your meal by your barrel pit fire!


Instant Read Digital Food Meat Thermometer With Lcd Display,$26.96 


Digital Thermometer.


As the old saying goes, “a carpenter is only as good as their tools”. So it stands to reason that if you want the perfect piece of meat, you need the right tools. Thankfully, the instant read digital food meat thermometer can help you with this. The digital thermometer only needs to insert the probe into the food or liquid to get the temperature, it can measure the temperature sensitively in 3-5 seconds, if the reading is kept for 15 minutes, the digital thermometer will turn off automatically ensuring that you’ll be using the thermometer in the kitchen and backyard barbecues for years to come.


Random Harvest Australian BBQ Collection, $109.99

Random Harvest Australian BBQ Collection

If you want to add a little extra flavour to your cooking experience, check out the Random Harvest Australian BBQ Collection. Made from the finest natural ingredients and packaged in a charming wooden crate, it’s a perfect addition to barbecuing and makes an ideal gift for the chef in your life. The collection includes gourmet products such as: Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle 125g, Australian Peppercorn Shiraz Mustard 150g, Fireball Chilli Mustard 150g, BBQ Rub Beef 165g, and BBQ Rub Pork 165g. Enjoy!

Have you ever tried smoked meat? Are you a fan of this cooking trend?

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