New Summer technology to make your next beach visit more enjoyable

Oct 30, 2021
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There’s reason to celebrate this summer, the heavy, wet, sandy towel is done!

How good does that sound? Is it true? Yes, indeed it is. Forget the days of shaking out wet, sand encrusted towels. Forget the towels that dropped a residue of sand so big it carpeted your car. Forget, the damp scratchy grains that chafed your body and journeyed into every part of your personal landscape. 

Modern technology has arrived and brought with it a whole new way of having a great day at the beach. The new towel is created from a clever weave of material and microfibres that easily roll up into a compact, easy-to-carry accessory. For even more convenience, the special blend is fast-drying and lightweight, adding another dimension of practicality to its features.

The beach isn’t the only place to benefit from this technology. The innovative fibre blend incorporating principles of evaporative cooling means this technology can keep you fresh and cool when playing sport, exercising, participating in outdoor activities or just keeping cool. You may even like to keep it on hand for a cool-down after a yoga class.

Finally, a new era of technology is making it even more fun to stay cool and save the beach.

The clever towels come in a range of patterns and sizes:

Available in the Starts at 60 Marketplace


1. Cotton Beach Islander Sand Free Beach Towel

The Islander sand-free suede beach towel is the ultimate summer accessory. The printed beach towels, take to another level of easy-to-pack convenience by having their own drawstring carry bag.

2. Cotton Beach Maui Ma Sand Free Beach Towel

The Maui Ma sand free beach towel pattern speaks of lazy, hazy days at the beach. It’s all smooth sailing without the grit of sand to get in the way with this super light-weight towel.

Available in the Starts at 60 Marketplace

3. Baltic Sand Free Beach Towel

The Baltic sand free beach towel ticks all the boxes when it comes to practical beach accessories.   It’s quick to dry, lightweight and even has its own drawstring carry bag.

4. Sand Free Bali Roll Up Beach Mat

The Cotton Beach Bali sand free beach mat is perfect for the beach. Don’t worry about sand sticking to your towel or mat any more. It rolls up with carry straps, so you can easily store it in a bag and take it with you anywhere.

5. Sand Free Crete Roll Up Beach Mat

This Cotton Beach Crete sand free beach mat is perfect a relaxing day at the beach. It’s lightweight and easy to travel with bdue to its roll-up carry straps, so you can easily store it in a bag and take it with you anywhere.

Available in the Starts at 60 Marketplace


6. Sheridan Tropicolo Flax Beach Towel

The Tropicolo Flax Towel is a practical beach accessory with a breathable and lightweight design as well as the fast drying features of the hammam-style towel. For those who travel, this towel is perfect as it folds down to a more compact version which can be tucked in your bag easily. It features a contemporary stripe design with cut fringing.

7. Bambury Hammam Aurora Moss Beach Towel

A luxurious, soft and absorbent beach towel that has been made in Egypt using Egyptian Cotton, the world’s finest cotton. 


Available in the Starts at 60 Marketplace


8. Bambury Amalfi Papaya Beach Towel

The Amalfi Towels feature classic stripes and knotted fringes, inspired by traditional Turkish Hammam towels. They are large, quick-drying and compact, making them great for wearing like a sarong, or for travelling too. They also feature towelling on one side, which makes for greater absorbency.

9. Bambury Snap Cold Towel

These towels are great to use when playing a sport, exercising, participating in outdoor activities or simply just keeping cool.

Innovative fibre technology combined with the principles of evaporative cooling allows the Snap Cold Towel to help you stay refreshingly cool without the use of chemicals.

It is simple but effective and provides instant relief from the heat.


Please note: Photography is representative of design only. Colour may have slight variation

Have you tried a sand-free beach towel?

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