Story time: 7 books your grandkids should be reading

Aug 13, 2021
Whatever the age, books are always a great gift. Source: Getty

With so many of our little ones stuck indoors with lockdowns at the moment, it can be hard to keep them engaged, but there’s no better gift than a new book. Children’s books not only help our kids learn how to read but also encourage curiosity, teach important life lessons and stimulate a passion for books that will benefit them at every age.

Whether you’re able to be there in person, plan to post them off, or enjoy a little bedtime reading over Facetime, we’ve found seven books the whole family will enjoy. From learning to count to discovering our vast countryside, its history and the importance of each animal, your grandkids will no doubt pour over these beautifully illustrated books again and again (and their parents are certain to thank you, too)!

Outback series

Boolarong Press Outback Countout

Whether you’re a city kid or a country kid, it’s important to learn how vast Australia is, and how different (and sometimes difficult) life in the outback can be. The Outback series is a collection of beautifully illustrated books covering a range of topics. Teach the little ones to count with Outback Countout, discover some of the nation’s best Aussie songs with Outback Songs, or learn about daily life in the outback with Outback School. These gorgeous books are not only fun to read but also encourage kids’ curiosity about other ways of life, and educate them about our beautiful but challenging outback.

The Woodlands

Boolarong Press The Woodlands.

The Woodlands follows the story of Witch and Wombat, two best friends and wildlife warriors, as their quiet woodland home experiences an invasion of noisy, destructive humans. As their beautiful area is destroyed, the animals come up with a magical plan to show the humans that the world cannot survive without trees. With beautiful, intricate illustrations, the book not only has an important lesson about the role nature plays, but also includes animals hidden in each and every picture for children to find along the way. How many animals can you spot, and can you name them?

What Would You Be?

Boolarong Press What Would You Be?

Combining fact, fantasy and rhyme, this collection of short poems encourages children’s curiosity. Looking at the many muti-legged creatures that share our world, What Would You Be? is perfect for little ones obsessed with bugs and spiders!

The Saga of King Waa-Gun

Boolarong Press The Saga of King Waa-gun.

Written by Uncle John Long, a Ugarapul elder, The Saga of King Waa-gun is one of many stories told to Ugarapul children to educate and enlighten them, and shares an important lesson all Aussie kids should hear. Combining beautiful illustrations with a fascinating story, the book teaches humility and respect for all people and the environment in which we live.

Ornella the Owl

Boolarong Press Ornella the Owl.

Overcoming fear is an important part of life and allows us to reach our full potential, but it can be a hard thing to teach our little ones, especially when we just want to protect them. Ornella the Owl follows a baby owlet who, after being frightened by two large eyes in the night, has to learn to fly and hunt and overcome her fear of the dark.

The Bushfire Babies

Boolarong Press The Bushfire Babies.

Beautifully illustrated and particularly topical in Australia, The Bushfire Babies follows four frightened young animals on the hunt for their families after a bushfire. The heartwarming story teaches children empathy for the animals and how important bravery is.

The Little Knock-kneed Alpaca

Boolarong Press The Little Knock-kneed Alpaca.

Our bodies are all different, but feeling like the odd one out when you’re little is tough. This book is a loving story between a mother and her baby, illustrated beautifully to showcase a wintry Australian outback. It follows a long-legged and knock-kneed alpaca as he shows the other alpacas exactly what his long legs are capable of. When danger arrives on the station in outback Australia, Little Alpaca finds the courage to warn the alpaca herd and guard the other animals.

Take a look at our full collection of Australian books here.

Which book did you like the sound of?

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