Every gardener’s dream: This caddy is like an extra set of hands.

Sep 27, 2021
The garden caddy is the ultimate helper.

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to tend your outdoor sanctuary. Keen gardeners and green thumbs delight in this time of year, but creaky joints and a bad back can hinder your desire to head out into the garden. There’s a great deal of things you need to lug around to keep your garden humming: fertiliser bags, shears, cutters and gloves. With so much going on, the constant bending down is enough to break the strongest of wills, never mind your back. And now there’s no more trips back and forth from the garage for that small pruner or similar.

The Vass Garden Caddy & Wall Bracket is an award-winning design that hangs off a 120 or 240L green wheelie bin, meaning you never have to bend down to grab your tools again. Connect the caddy to your bin with all your bits and pieces, ready to go, and it’s like having your very own assistant, alleviating the pressure on your joints.

It has several compartments in different shapes and sizes making it suitable to carry: blade hedge trimmers, tree loppers, hand-held garden spade, hand rake, garden gloves, sun glasses, mobile phone, garden twine, packet of seeds, insect spray bottle, drinking water bottle, screwdrivers, garden spike, secateurs, grass shears, floral snips and scissors, pliers and so much more. 

The deep compartments and weight capacity of 10kg allows you to carry small bags of soil, fertiliser, bark chips and anything else that might require manual lifting, saving you time, effort and trips to the chiropractor. 

The caddy comes with a bracket attachment to hang in your shed or garage. This genius attachment enables you to hang your caddy, with all your tools and accessories fully loaded, straight back on the wall, ready for the next time you head out to your garden. Every keen gardener would be embarrassed to admit how many rusted tools they have found buried deep in the soil. Or coming back from a trip to the hardware store with a shovel, only to find three of the exact same shovel hidden between your shed shelves. The convenience of having all your tools in one place so you don’t lose them, in a handy contraption, ready to hang back on your bin, makes this a must-have for every gardener. 

The Vass caddy is made from the same sturdy, lightweight material from which your bin is made, and comes with a 12 month warranty*. The material used is completely recyclable, making it an eco-friendly, sustainable choice. 

The Australian designed caddy simply slides over the lip of the bin, leaving unobstructed access to your bin for all your garden waste. 

Click here to go straight to our Marketplace and get your caddy for only $35.

* Conditions for warranty apply

**Please note: tools, accessories and screws for the bracket NOT included**

Have you ever found tools hidden in your garden?

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