Tired of cooking? Here’s the ‘4 ingredients’ that will make it easier

Mar 19, 2022

Cookbooks are kitchen guides that help cooks navigate the world of taste and smell. From basic side dishes to elaborate feasts, some cookbooks serve as reference guides for new and experienced chefs, while others offer unique and inventive recipes to try. 

However, the best cookbooks are far more than a straightforward list of recipes, they combine philosophy, history and enough sensual description to make them enjoyable to read. 

The best cookbooks transform the way you eat. 

And that’s exactly what Kim McCosker did with her 4 Ingredients cookbooks. Initially creating her cookbooks targeting busy mums, she was astounded by the number of men, Boomers, and students who have also embraced the four ingredient philosophy.

The 4 Ingredients cookbooks were created with the idea of simple, delicious recipes that- regardless of age, gender, or cultural taste- always had something for everyone looking to simplify life in the kitchen.

With over 30 variations of the  4 Ingredients cookbooks, it’s truly amazing just how much you can make with so few ingredients!

If you’re ready to revolutionaries your life in the kitchen, you can grab a copy of any of these Kim’s cookbooks – and more – at the Starts at 60 Marketplace.

If you’re not sure which cookbook to purchase first, below you’ll find some of our top picks!


Image: Never worry about rushing over for dinner again with “The Easiest Slow Cooker Book ever!”

For those who like it low and slow – The easier slow cooker book ever

This cookbook offers a countless number of recipes to make in your trusty slow cooker. During a busy workweek, a slow cooker can be your best friend for getting dinner ready as soon as your walk through your door after a long day. 

Kim’s The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever contains deliciously crafted recipes, that are easy, bursting with flavour and family-friendly! 

Whether is munching on a dish of meat so tender it falls off the bone or enjoying chicken so moist every mouthful is savoured, The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever is guaranteed to be your best dinner time sous chef.

It takes just 10 minutes to prepare your slow cooker in the morning, and at the end of the day walk into an aromatic home, reminded that dinner is done!

Purchase this cookbook today and never worry about rushing dinner again! 


Image: Thinking about going keto but don’t know where to start? The “4 Ingredients Keto” cookbook is the answer to your questions.

For those looking for nutritious meals – 4 Ingredients Keto 

If you’re looking for simple and nutritious meals, this cookbook is for you! Whether you’re new to keto and looking for a good place to start, or you’ve been following a keto diet for a while and are searching for some new recipes to add some variety to your life, Kim’s 4 Ingredients Keto cookbook is the answer to your questions.

With over 70 mouthwatering, keto-friendly recipes, the 4 Ingredients Keto is a cookbook filled with 144 pages of stunning full-colour photography and clear nutritional information.

The book also includes yummy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and a selection of scrumptious snacks, an extensive list of Keto-friendly and Keto-unfriendly ingredients to make it easier when next you are grocery shopping!

Grab a copy of this recipe book here, and start your keto journey now! 


Image: “The Easiest Air Fryer Book ever” is your cookbook essential for finding the most mouthwatering air fryer recipes.

To help you conquer your favourite kitchen appliance – The Easiest Air Fryer Book ever 

This cookbook is perfect for anyone whose been hit by the unbelievable air fryer craze. And why wouldn’t a person be obsessed with their air fryer? This simple gadget provides a way to cook that is not only safer, healthier and faster- it’s also fun! Once you’ve had a taste of fresh hot chips without the hassle of dealing with fryer oil on the stovetop, you’ll understand. 

So whether you are indeed air fryer obsessed or have recently bought the appliance, The Easiest Air Fryer Book ever is the perfect cookbook to help you get along your merry frying way. 

From comfort food faves like zucchini nuggets to pizzas, buffalo wings to bagels you’ll be in your kitchen thinking “What can’t you cook in an Air Fryer?” 

Order a copy of this book today and be amazed by the countless dishes you can make with this one appliance. 

Image: Satisfy your sweet tooth with thousands of dessert recipes from the “4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes & Cute Things.

For those who love sugar, spice and everything nice – 4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes & Cute Things

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, then the 4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes & Cute Things is right up your alley.  This sweet thing offers more than 80 recipes all containing no more than 4 ingredients (salt, pepper, and water are not included).

From frosted grapes in bubbles, simple yet sinful sponge sake or a fancy-looking pretty pavlova, you’ll liven up any neighbourhood block party with these modern twists on classic favourites. 

Expect exciting flavour combinations, ingenious kitchen hacks all with the ethos of “minimum effort, maximum flavour.”

The 4 Ingredients Chocolate, Cakes & Cute Things will do for baking what the other 4 Ingredients cookbooks did for weekday cooking.

What's your favourite quick recipe?

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