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Starts at 60 is proud to partner with award-winning specialist retirement funding provider Household Capital to bring older Australians a new way to boost their retirement income.

With Household Capital, you can release some of the wealth in your property to fund the lifestyle you want – without having to leave your home. So if you need to increase your short- or long-term income (or access a lump sum) but downsizing isn’t for you, make sure you read our FREE, no-obligation How your home equity can help fund your retirement e-guide.

You might be surprised to learn how much equity release has changed in recent years to ensure you have guaranteed lifetime occupancy of your home and can never end up owing more than your property is worth.

You could even use a Household Loan from Household Capital to help out your children with a gift or a loan, refinance an existing mortgage or cover home care or aged care costs. In fact, there’s a wide range of ways you could use the savings you’ve accumulated in your home!

Download our FREE e-guide to learn more about:

  • Home equity release in straightforward terms
  • Getting the most competitive equity release interest rate
  • Combining equity release with the Age Pension
  • Using home equity to extend the life of your super
  • Accessing a lump sum for renos, healthcare costs and more
  • Ensuring your estate remains protected.

There are many ways you could use a Household Loan to transform your retirement. Rather than hearing it from us, here are some stories from real 60-pluses on how a Household Loan helped them.

‘I needed to modify my home so I can comfortably stay here for a few more years before moving into aged care. It’s kept me anchored to my community, which is really important to me.’ 

Florence, VIC

‘My husband needed to enter a residential aged care facility while I wanted to stay at home. A Household Loan enabled us to pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit on his facility of choice and, at the same time, meant I could stay in our family home. This was really important to me, it’s where all my memories are. I didn’t want to have to move out.’ 

Rose and Jack, NSW

‘We want to fund our granddaughter to be able to take a year’s maternity leave to spend with our future great grandchild. It’s such a special time for mother and child but without pay, she needs to return to work to be able to contribute to their mortgage.’ 

Sophia and Joe, QLD

Frequently asked questions

We understand that taking out a loan during retirement can be a big decision, and with big decisions come big questions. That’s why our e-guide covers the below top questions surrounding Household Loans:

  • What’s a Household Loan?
  • How much will a Household Loan cost me?
  • What can I use my Household Loan for?
  • What’s the benefit of combining a Household Loan and super?
  • Will my Age Pension be affected?
  • Is there a benefit to refinancing my mortgage with a Household Loan?
  • Can I lend this to family members?
  • How am I protected?
  • How do I know if it’s right for me?
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