Your supermarket aisle is headed for a major shake up

Food companies have been making wild claims about the nutritional content in their products for years, and now things are

Food companies have been making wild claims about the nutritional content in their products for years, and now things are finally about to change.

We’ve all been there before: standing in an aisle at the supermarket reading the back of the packet trying to choose between a dozen different brands, which all claim to be the best for you: high fibre, low sugar, filled with protein… the list goes on!

Now, new regulations are forcing food companies to be completely honest about the claims they make on packets. Many companies have been getting away with using terms like “contains calcium”, which can make people think it must be high in calcium and therefore a good nutritional source.

The new food standards require companies to verify any health claims they make, meaning we might start seeing a lot less of advertising about so-called health benefits.

Speaking about the new regulations Food Standards Australia and NZ Spokeswoman Lorraine Haase said it was about holding companies accountable.

“It means that there are fairly strict requirements about when you can make these claims,” Ms Haase told the Huffington Post.

“Businesses have to have a certain level of evidence that the enforcement agencies can then go and check to make sure that it’s right.”

One of the best things about the new standards is we can stop wasting our money on products that aren’t as healthy as they claim to be. There are also hopes that big food companies will be more inclined to provide foods that are actually good for us, instead of some of the questionable products we have been buying for years.

Are you happy about these new regulations? Are you surprised there is so much false advertising on food packets?

  1. I do the shopping these days and I have given up on all these health claims, I would need to take an encyclopedia with me to look up all the good and bad stuff , I just buy what we like

  2. I don’t believe it will make a difference because the manufacturer will find away around the way they label as usual. The only thing manufacturers give a damn about is PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT so they will continue to deceive the customers if they can.

  3. But I am sure we’ll keep on seeing things like “Less than 3% fat” or “More than 97% fat free”in large print while the minute nutritional panel on the back shows high sugar and/or salt content. “No Added Sugar” for fruit juices that are already high in natural sugars. Etc.

  4. We have one life & our health is important, food processing corporations have got away with destroying our planet such as palm oil plantations. It is good they are being made accountable with their ingredients, but the proof will be what happens in time. So many toxic chemicals & preservatives that cause cancer are used, we have to prevent a sick society.

  5. It all boils down to that it is up to us to not buy these products and eat as naturally as we can. If we don’t buy them they will eventually stop making them, hopefully!

  6. Buy fresh, cook for yourself – be your own processor/manufacturer! Have a ‘ready made’ of some sort occasionally – we all need a night off!

  7. I would like serving size more defined as 1 teaspoon or tablespoon etc rather than per gram as 1 teaspoon of sugar is easier to understand that 5 grams when working out just how much you are consuming

  8. The biggest con being played on us at the supermarket is halal labelling. We all pay extra so that the food companies can appease a minority group. The labelling goes on everything even food that has no connection to halal or kosher.

    • Yep that really sucks.. was following a meat delivery truck n thought how interesting. Then i read all meat is halal treated…. took that one from my list..

    • Try buying almost all food now that is not Halal certified….such a huge con costing us more for our food. I also want to see country of origin clearly displayed on all foodstuff…

    • What a load of rubbish. You still fill your car up with petrol that is sourced from Muslim countries, you buy brands that are not halal certified but don’t bother to see if the ingredients in thise foods are halal certified.
      Prices haven’t risen based on halal certification. Check the facts. Lots of halal certified brands cost less than non halal certified. The reason prices go up is the greed of big business.

    • U think that race is a monority in australia.. think again. Theyre here and theyre here to change .. theyve already applied 4 sharia law in lakemba .. it was denied.. now muslims r in local governments on labors team.. to help the unemployed stay unemployed

    • Elaine King
      Muslims have been in Australia since the early 1800. The Ghan railway is named in honour of the Afghans who used to carry mail and supplies to outback settlements via camel train in the 1800. The first islamic temple was built in the 1860’s.
      If you are really so true blue Aussie then you would know your Australian history. And I can bet you wouldn’t know if you were sitting next to a muslim person on a bus or train or eating food that was cooked by a Muslim. And would you refuse yourself or your children or grandchildren life saving medical treatment if it was a muslim doctor treating them.

    • Sitting next to a Muslim on a bus, eating food that is cooked by a Muslim or being treated by a Muslim doctor is a different kettle of fish than halal certified foods. Halal is a Muslim religious rite who are a minority here in Australia. If people wish to have their food proclaimed halal they only have to pray over it and it is done. There is no need to have a halal certification, which we all pay for because there is very little that is not certified. Muslims all over the world have condemned this practice so why does the western world think it is necessary. I for one do not like my hard earned money going into the pockets of unscrupulous people, whose only reason for demanding this certification is to line their own pockets.

    • It’s funny isn’t it, one comment by me has me labelled a racist! This couldn’t be further from the truth. The comment was about lining the pockets of business, it’s all about money, it has nothing whatever to do with muslim doctors or who you sit next to on a, bus, as for talking about me buying petrol originating from the middle east, how ridiculous can you be!

    • Great comment Ruth Hourigan, and I wish people would check their facts before commenting 🌸

    • Joan Quill – you are right Joan in saying that it is all about money. These producers want to have as wide a market as possible for their products, not only in Australia but also in Asia where there is a large Muslim population. So they opt for Halal certification.

    • Joan Quill
      At no time did anyone call you a racist.
      Perhaps it’s just your guilt complex that made you believe anyone said that about you.
      Your original comment specifically singled out halal and kosher. Which by the way are two entirety different religions/races. The replies I made were to address your specific comment about halal labelling.

    • Joan I wouldn’t call you a racist because your comment wasn’t racist it was economic, I do understand that. But the prices haven’t risen because of halal processing.

  9. Does that mean all halal certified food will be grouped together.

    • If you want that to happen then all food would have to be in the same section. Just because a brand name is not halal certified does not mean that the ingredients they use to make that product are not Halal certified.
      People really need to check out the facts.
      Eg; Lindt chocolate is non halal but the sugar and cocoa they use to make it is Halal certified.
      Plus, the petrol you use in your car mostly comes from Muslim countries.

    • I think that any Manufacturer who bends the truth in any way when it comes to their labelling should be prosecuted and fined big time. Changing wording to dupe us is just not on. We have a right to the truth.

    • Suzanne Oorschot
      Do you buy sugar or flour or salt or meat or coffee or drinking chocolate or anything that contains these ingredients. If you do then you are buying halal certified food.

  10. Aftr shopping at aldi n having restricted lines i strolled thru woolies n saw all the pre prepared food one buys.. no wonder we die of cancer wjo knows what chemicals they contain

  11. Brian Lee  

    Will the rules also apply to the manufacturers of all those vitamin pills and mineral additions to our diets which are supposed, according to them, to be so good for us, but which are totally unnecessary if you enjoy a proper, balanced diet at home!

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