Your favourite drink could be causing you to go deaf

It could be the end of the coffee and a chat. Research has discovered a link between your morning beverage

It could be the end of the coffee and a chat. Research has discovered a link between your morning beverage and hearing loss.

A study released by McGill University Health Centre has revealed that a single cup of coffee can severely hinder your ear’s ability to recover from loud noises. The have deduced that it is caffeine that is slowing the recovery.

Otolaryngologist and member of the McGill Auditory Sciences Laboratory Dr Faisal Zawawi stated that when a person suffers from a short-term hearing loss that could be the result of loud construction, flying in an plane, or loud music, that it takes the body around 72 hours to repair the damage. If the damage is not repaired in that time, the effects could be permanent.

To find out what factors could stop hearing recovery Dr Zawawi and his team tested the theory in the lab with guinea pigs. The test had some guinea pigs exposed to loud noises and another group exposed to loud noises while given caffeine. The guinea pigs exposed to only sound recovered completely within eight days while the ones given caffeine didn’t recover at all.

Dr Zawawi stated in the press release “This research confirms that drinking caffeine after being exposed to loud noises poses more of a risk than benefit when it comes to a person’s hearing. Although further research is required to understand the effect on humans, the results are promising.”

Researchers believe by eliminating caffeine from your diet after encountering loud noise could help in your recovery. The duration that you should go without your caffeinated drink is yet to be determined however some believe up to 72 hours.

Do you think that you could go without caffeine for 72 hours? Do you think that the risk is worth your coffee? Do you already live a caffeine-free lifestyle and can share some of the additional benefits?


  1. Ok, my days of going to loud Bands and going home to a coffee are very much over, don’t have many loud noises where I live… Now I want to know what the hell did they do to those poor guinea pigs for loud noise test … !!!!

  2. Rob Ozanne  

    Bummer better to get back to Guiness and toast for brekkie, same colour as my black coffee

  3. That does it – another excuse to have a glass of Red. I find it disgraceful that this test was conducted on live animals – will be taking absolutely NO notice of it.

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