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Think your doctor’s giving you exceptional care? Or could they do better? One Liberal MP is campaigning for a program that will see the biggest shift in the health care sector we’ve seen in years.

Like My School, which lets parents rate schools and teachers, Liberal MP Angus Taylor wants the Turnbull government to create a My Doctor website where patients can rate their GPs and the services.

Writing for Fairfax, Mr Taylor said he wants reform and for federal and state governments to deal with the dysfunction across the health sectors.

It’s likely the reform and implementation of a ‘My Doctor’ website could upset the doctors’ lobby and could cost the sector more than it needs to. Despite that, Mr Taylor said, “Perhaps the most important thing of all to drive health reforms is shifting power to customers. The fact of the matter is politicians have one incentive above all and that’s to win the next election. So if you really want reform then don’t give the power to the politicians, give the power to the customer. That means transparent information,” he said.

“One of the best innovations of the last government was the My School website, because for the first time ever we could compare the performance of schools. We could do the same in health. While we have a rudimentary hospitals comparison website, why don’t we see that with doctors?”

“The UK National Health Service is leading the world in this area, with NHS Choices. This website and app doesn’t just provide details about health services available across the UK, it provides detailed survey results on each service, and allows users to rate the services themselves and to see other people’s ratings.”

The combination of data, survey outputs and customer ratings would shift power to patients, he said.

“Empowering patients, paying for outcomes, harnessing our private sector innovators and integrated health services: Now that would be serious reform”.


Tell us, what rating would you give your doctor if you could?

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  1. My GP is always listening to what I have to say about my health and refers me to hospital to make sure we have things covered. I treasure that as it saves any anxiety.

  2. We know our service isn’t good. A country clinic staffed exclusively by foreign doctors doing their compulsory stint in the bush before being allowed to practice in the city. It is a revolving door the doctor you saw last time is probably gone next time you go. Some have been great but fleeting.

  3. Unfortunately not all doctors are tested equal. I believe some very good doctors may not have a great bedside manner and their manner made not go down well with patients who could respond negatively.

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    • Yes the extremely competent and knowledgeable introvert may appear less competent than the extrovert with great people skill but not as good competency in medical skill.

  4. I have a great doctor. But it really pisses me off when I am told after ten minutes that I need to make another appointment as my time is up. It’s not her fault. It’s the policy of our clinic. And it’s the only medical clinic our town has. So we don’t have a choice.

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  5. This is interesting! When I was at my doctors last Monday I was asked if I would mind filling out a questionnaire about my doctor, the questions were something like. Does he/she show enough interest when your talking to him and does he/she allocate enough time etc etc, approx 20 to 30 questions and I was told it’s the first one of it’s kind.

  6. Durack medical is run by two extremely qualified doctors, both take extra time to explain what is wrong with you, they don’t hesitate to run test, listen to you and run a very old fashioned family practice, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  7. Doctors and schools need to have a relationship with families and patients, if I wasn’t happy I would have that conversation with them. I was happy with the schools my kids attended, I was involved and knew the teachers and principle, as for the doctor, Its about communication and this is essential.

  8. We had a few complaints about our doctors failing us with bad attitudes and blasé advice. Although we have been very pleased with our doctor excepting for a recent hiccup, I can see that with many of our doctors being very young, plus the influx of doctors from other countries, it would be good to have a system of checks and balances on the service provided. Recently I couldn’t get an appointment with our normal doctor so went to a new clinic. The doctor was wonderful, caring and thorough. He made me feel he was really concerned about my health, checked my spider bitten leg carefully, explained why I was tired all the time and recommend some solutions, and asked that I come in for further tests to ensure I stay well. Now, that was wonderful service!

  9. My doctor is the best I have been with him for 36 1/2years he is the best very understanding ,caring family oriented you can have a joke with him he listens to you I cannot say enough about him

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