Would you dob in your doctor?

Think your doctor’s giving you exceptional care? Or could they do better? One Liberal MP is campaigning for a program that will see the biggest shift in the health care sector we’ve seen in years.

Like My School, which lets parents rate schools and teachers, Liberal MP Angus Taylor wants the Turnbull government to create a My Doctor website where patients can rate their GPs and the services.

Writing for Fairfax, Mr Taylor said he wants reform and for federal and state governments to deal with the dysfunction across the health sectors.

It’s likely the reform and implementation of a ‘My Doctor’ website could upset the doctors’ lobby and could cost the sector more than it needs to. Despite that, Mr Taylor said, “Perhaps the most important thing of all to drive health reforms is shifting power to customers. The fact of the matter is politicians have one incentive above all and that’s to win the next election. So if you really want reform then don’t give the power to the politicians, give the power to the customer. That means transparent information,” he said.

“One of the best innovations of the last government was the My School website, because for the first time ever we could compare the performance of schools. We could do the same in health. While we have a rudimentary hospitals comparison website, why don’t we see that with doctors?”

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“The UK National Health Service is leading the world in this area, with NHS Choices. This website and app doesn’t just provide details about health services available across the UK, it provides detailed survey results on each service, and allows users to rate the services themselves and to see other people’s ratings.”

The combination of data, survey outputs and customer ratings would shift power to patients, he said.

“Empowering patients, paying for outcomes, harnessing our private sector innovators and integrated health services: Now that would be serious reform”.


Tell us, what rating would you give your doctor if you could?