World Cancer Research Fund names the everyday changes that cut your risk dramatically

Some things in life are fun to gamble with, our health is definitely not one of them. Yet, with each bite of something too fatty, too salty or too sweet and with each draw on a cigarette or with each sip of alcohol, we are gambling with our precious time. There’s a balance between living in moderation and over doing it when it comes to managing our own health. However, without over doing it, we can make small changes to our every day lives that can keep us all healthy. The World Cancer Research Fund has found and is now promoting, quite a few of them.

The new guide, compiled by the World Cancer Research Fund, sets out the everyday changes that could dramatically help stave off all types of cancer. Here are a few of the small changes that can have a big difference…

1. Regular physical activity

This is the first step – something as simple as a good dose of housework in a day can do the trick! The reason for the link between keeping physically active and cancer prevention has not been identified but research shows a clear correlation. To get a little more physical activity in your day, do something simple like take the stairs, walk to the further bus stop, park the car further away from where you need to be or vacuum, sweep or clean the bathroom.

2. Eat less and make sure the majority of your diet is plant based 

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Eating a few too many calories every day can cause weight gain – something that has been linked to over 10 cancers including some of the most common like bowel breast and liver. This doesn’t mean that you have to cut and restrict things from your diet, it just means you need to substitute them. Snacks like chocolate, biscuits or chips can be swapped for carrots, grapes and apple slices instead.

3. Reduce your salt intake 

Research shows that salt and salt-preserved foods are a cause of stomach cancer. Scientists think this might be because salt damages the lining of the stomach. The difficulty is that salt sneaks into many of our pre-packaged foods without us even realising. To combat this, you can eat more raw food or you can season your food differently. Where someone may put salt on potatoes or even fish and chips, a sprinkle of moroccan seasoning or an alternative can make a big difference.

4. Have alcohol free nights regularly

Alcohol is linked to five common cancers including mouth and throat, bowel and breast cancer. Leading experts advise that you avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible to help prevent cancer – aim for no more than two drinks a day if you’re a man and no more than one drink a day if you’re a woman. As more than one glass is typically consumed in one sitting by Australians, making sure there are alcohol free nights regularly is a great way to do this. Aim for at least three a week.

So tell us, what little things do you do each day to stay healthy? Do you make conscious healthy decisions? Share yours in the comments below – they could help someone!