Why you should stop crossing your legs… Right now!

As women, we normally get taught to cross our legs and “sit like a lady”. However, this habit can have

As women, we normally get taught to cross our legs and “sit like a lady”. However, this habit can have some serious side affects. Here are some of the consequences involved in crossing our legs:

1. Blood pressure

A study published by the US National Library of Medicine demonstrated that it’s best to keep our feet flat on the floor. “The results indicated that (blood pressure) increased significantly with the crossed leg position”, researchers explained.

2. Heart conditions

In a separate study, crossing our legs was linked to an increased risk in heart disease. “Blood pressure increases when legs are crossed and this increases the estimation of cardiovascular risk for many patients”, the researchers determined.

3. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Crossing our legs may also lead to deep vein thrombosis, which is particularly troublesome for older women. America’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has previously reported that “sitting for a long time, especially with crossed legs,” can increase our risks of DVT.

4. Muscular tension

Unsurprisingly, muscular tension throughout our hips and limbs has also been attributed to crossed legs. A British study recently reported that, “crossing the legs may be functional in the build-up of active or passive tension between sacrum and femur”.

As with anything, it seems that moderation is key. Sitting cross-legged for extended periods of time can have these health impacts. However, sitting cross-legged for a short while is unlikely to damage the body immediately.

Will these medical insights change the way you sit? Do you sit cross-legged, or in some other way?

  1. My mother told me it caused varicose veins(no idea if that’s true) so I was always discouraged from crossing my legs.

  2. After having DVTs I was told by my doctor that crossing the legs could cause another episode, consequently, I never have done it since.

  3. I have small varicose veins that look like a bruise, on the back of one leg. I am always stopping myself from crossing my legs. It’s now feeling uncomfortable when I do. Also when I am relaxing with my feet up I try not to cross my ankles. This causes ulcers.

  4. While l was in hospital having my first child 41 years ago the sister on duty told us not to cross our legs.Have had both knees replaced now so unable to cross them.

    • Ww when I had my 1st baby 46 years ago, the lady in the cubicle next to me was having her 10th baby. The midwife told her to cross her legs and keep them crossed. Wonder if she got varicose veins…….

  5. Was taught from a child never to cross your legs.and sit up straight. If you cross your legs and wear a short dress you end up with a red blotch on your leg. Not pretty. Lol

  6. I have short legs and very often my feet cannot rest flat on the floor. Because of this the pressure on the back of my thighs from the chair is extremely uncomfortable. To relieve that pressure I have to cross my legs.

    • What an ottoman for the lounge ( my husband uses one mainly to relieve his back pain and legs ) and a footstool for a chair, at home that is.

  7. Have never been one to cross my legs. Cross my ankles all the time. Can’t have feet flat on the floor because I’m too short to reach the floor which is probably why I cross my ankles

  8. I read not too long ago that this was all a myth and crossing legs did not cause varicose veins.

  9. Am afraid I am guilty of nearly always sitting with my legs crossed. Must try and break the habbit

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