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You are never too old to be fit, happy and healthy. At this stage in life, you are winding down from your career, dealing with the stress of finances and seeing major changes in your mind and body. This is the time to keep your body active, develop that positive mindset and not reflect on your age. Remember, you are only as old as you feel! By maintaining a positive outlook on aging, you will be able to take control and pride in your health and fitness.

In your 60s, your main focus should be to enjoy the life you have remaining and ensure you are healthy. At this stage in life, the preservation of muscle mass and protection of joints and bone mass become paramount. Many of the diseases associated with ageing are caused by poor lifestyle choices including smoking, lack of exercise and obesity. Family history of diabetes, heart disease or cancer can also play a role. Through eating a balanced diet and exercising the mind and body daily, you can help to lower the risk of chronic health problems. Regular checkups with your local GP combined with a healthy lifestyle will work to improve your quality of life and make even the simplest of tasks like getting out of bed, sitting and standing much easier.

Remember, consistency is key. A workout routine that you enjoy is one you are more likely to stick to. Exercises which incorporate cardiovascular and weight training are ideal, but they’re not for everyone. If you suffer from joint aches and pains, swimming or light aqua aerobics are great alternatives. Other fun, fitness options include:

  • Tai-chi
  • Dance class
  • Walking groups
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Personal training at your local gym

Always consult with your GP before starting a new fitness program and, if possible, seek a personal trainer to help guide you along the way. This will ensure the tailored program is developed, taking into consideration any ailments you may have, prior to beginning your training.

By creating a smart workout program suited to your individual fitness level, you’ll be able to maintain your energy, health and independence well in to your 60s and beyond!

Staying active and ensuring you maintain a full-body strength and balance workout, will keep you looking good and feeling great.


What exercise do you do? What do you enjoy most? What is something stopping you from working out more? 

Emma James

Jetts’ national personal trainer of the year, Emma James, is based at Jetts Ashmore on the Gold Coast. With more than eight years experience, Emma is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives through her work in the health and fitness industry. www.jetts.com.au

  1. Because I was having trouble with my left knee the doctor suggested exercise, my daughter went to a gym and I followed, have changed gym

  2. I’ve been exercising for half an hour on Saturdays and Sundays for the past 30 years at home, it basically takes no time and no money to keep in good physical condition. Here is a photo of mine when I was 71yo.

  3. take up ballroom dancing. good exercise meet lots of new people learning new dances gives the mind and body a workout. one man I know is 94yrs & is a popular partner.

  4. I attend a gentle yoga class for one hour a week. My muscle tone has improved markedly over the last 18 months. Really enjoyable.

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