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Why powering-up your pelvic floor is key for women AND men

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Many of men think that the impact of a weak pelvic floor is only a female problem but it’s not; both sexes can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to ensure that no “accidents” happen.

The best thing about pelvic floor exercises is that they can be done almost anywhere, anytime, and people looking at you would be hard pressed to know that you were doing them at all.  

The bad thing about that is that it makes it a bit harder to show you how to do them effectively!

Read our guidelines below to get yourself started and practice while watching TV, browsing the internet, or even talking on the phone – just make sure you fit them in at least once a day.
If you are doing these exercises regularly and are still having issues that you think are caused by a weak pelvic floor, visit your doctor, as there might be another problem that hasn’t been diagnosed.

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