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If you have experienced dryness or cracking around your mouth, lips or tongue, rest assured you are not alone. Up to one in four Australians suffer from a dry mouth – but relatively few of us take the simple steps that can relieve it.

While it’s very common among older Australians, few realise that a dry mouth is a side effect of everyday medication use. More than 500 common medications can prevent the salivary glands from creating saliva. In many cases it won’t be an individual medication, but a specific combination – a risk that increases as we get older, and medication becomes commonplace.

If you’re experiencing a dry mouth, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor or pharmacist about what might be causing it.

In the short term, however, living day-to-day with a dry mouth does not need to be tolerated.

Biotene is a range of oral care products specially formulated for those with a dry mouth, relieving day-to-day discomfort.

Available in supermarkets and pharmacies, it can help moisturise your dry mouth – and offer immediate relief whenever you need it throughout the day.

Biotene can become part of the daily routine with next to no fuss. By using the Biotene range – mouthwash, toothpaste, mouth spray and moisturising gel – you’ll be able to enjoy the things that a dry mouth once made difficult.

Click here to learn more about the easy, practical ways you can relieve a dry mouth from day to day.

 This post is sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. For more information, please visit the Biotene website.

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