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Comedian and host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg has announced plans to put her name and finances into an official medical-marijuana business.

According to USA Today, Goldberg is just one of a number of high profile celebrities looking to get into the marijuana marketplace.

A medical-marijuana user herself, 60-year-old Goldberg will join with Maya Elisabeth, a leading edibles maker and ‘canna-businesswoman’ to deliver a range of products designed to provide relief from menstrual cramps.

The Whoopi & Maya company will offer edibles, tinctures, topical rubs and a bath soak.

Though it is currently illegal in Australia, the federal government announced last October that it would consider legalising the growing of cannabis for medicinal and research purposes.

At the time health minister Susan Ley said, “Allowing the cultivation of legal medicinal cannabis crops in Australia under strict controls strikes the right balance between patient access, community protection and our international ­obligations.”

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews supported this decision, announcing that his government would provide legal access to locally manufactured medicinal marijuana products from 2017.

Goldberg says she uses medicinal marijuana to alleviate glaucoma-related headaches. She says that the products have also been used to ease her own cramps and pain.

Would you consider medicinal marijuana to control pain and discomfort you are epxeriencing? Are there better methods of pain management rather than drug use?

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  1. I live in Spain and it is neither legal or illegal, strange, the law will not bother someone who has a couple of plants for their personal use as long as no neighbours complain. You can smoke it at home, once again as long as the neighbours do not complain of the smell. There are legal grow shops that sell all sorts of equipment but cannot sell the product itself. Obviously you can buy maruhana but it is not legal to buy or sell.
    It is good for arthritis pain and wonderful for MS especially when muscles tighten and twist as it relaxes them.
    It has been linked to schizophrenia from prolonged usage, however some of the latest research is beginning to question this link.
    Whereas alcohol can create aggression maruhana does the opposite.
    There are many pros and cons.
    I would be happy to use it in moderation as a pain killer, the addiction possibility is no more than the codeine medication I take now.

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