What your urine could be trying to tell you

Your urine could give you important warning signs about health issues before symptoms appear, and while it might sound funny but in actuality, thinking about your urine and examining it is crucial, particularly in your 60s.

It could reveal not only if you’re hydrated, but other health and diet concerns such as infections.

Here’s what you may not have known about your urine, and what you should look out for.

If your urine is….

Dark yellow or orange: Drink some water right now – you’re likely dehydrated.

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Bright yellow: You need to drink water soon.

Pale yellow: You’re adequately hydrated.

Clear: You’ve drunk too much water, so slow it down a little.

Cloudy: This can mean that you have some phosphate in your urine, which can lead to kidney stones. If your urine is constantly cloudy, go see a doctor.

Blue-green: It sounds odd but is quite common and can mean you’re changing medication or vitamins. If you’re not on medications or taking vitamins, see a doctor immediately.

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Brown: You’ve had beans, rhubarb or medication, or you may have a liver problem. If it persists, consult your doctor.

Smelly: Coffee or asparagus can change the smell of your urine, but if it does smell consistently strong, it’s worth getting checked out.

Pink or red: This may mean you’ve had a red coloured, or in more serious cases, you could have blood in your urine, either from vigorous exercise or due to an infection. If you’re urine doesn’t clear up in 24 hours, visit your GP.

Foamed or fizzy: Sometimes the consistency of urine can also appear strange, and while this may simply be a result of urinating with more force than usual, it can occasionally be an indicator of a health-related symptom, such as protein in the urine. This can indicate a kidney problem.

Overall, you should speak to your doctor if you notice anything strange about your urine, and make sure that doctors always perform a urine test when you visit.

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