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Over 60s, we’re a merry bunch! A study from the UK has found some interesting statistics on the drinking habit of over 60s compared to younger generations. We all have the Friday night wine, and some of us get into Little Saturday on Wednesday nights too – but just how much are we really drinking?

Apparently, twice as much of those in the younger generations based on the findings. Twice as much as the people we watch doing stupid things on television… It is a pretty scary statistic, but there is some logic to it. Younger generations are much more likely to binge drink and drink excessively on Friday and Saturday nights (this is classified as drinking two nights per week) whereas we are more likely to have one wine or G&T on three weeknights and perhaps once on the weekend.

The poll of 1,119 adults found that 15% of all over 60s surveyed actually said they drink every night. And while we’re only having one glass perhaps now is an important reminder to us all to make sure we’re living a balanced lifestyle.

Firstly, the calories in alcohol are much greater than we previously thought – A large glass of wine contains 200 calories, the same as a doughnut, whilst a tall glass of lager contains 180, similar to a bag of chips.

Plus, there is the fact (we keep trying to avoid talking about) that regular alcohol consumption is closely linked to liver disease, heart disease, mental and cognitive decline, mental illness and some forms of cancers. So we really should make sure we’re being sensible.

So tell us, how often do you drink alcohol? 

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  1. At least I am in the 41% . Would feel left out if I wasn’t ! Now I must point out this is for the Poms & of course Down Under is a different story !

  2. Mmm I must be in the minority then … gave up smoking and drinking in 1977 … at the the time I couldnt afford to do either so it was easier to do both. Dont regret it either.

  3. I drink more now than I did when I was younger but even then, I only drink when socialising, never at home! If I had to give up either coffee or alcohol , I would give up alcohol!!! I often don’t have an alcoholic drink for weeks at a time.

  4. I dont drink alcohol at all. I dont like what it does to people, and therefore I choose to avoid it. Unfortunately, my relatives [and they shall remain nameless] choose otherwise, much to my disgust.

  5. But that study was done in UK,where the population is around 68 million,here we only have around 24 million.

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