And the best breakfast to help you lose weight is…

We have long been told that breakfasts rich in protein will help with our health far more than traditional high-carb

We have long been told that breakfasts rich in protein will help with our health far more than traditional high-carb breakfasts. They’re rich in nutrients, help regulate the glucose in our blood better, and can make us feel more full – therefore discouraging overeating.

But which type of breakfast is best for those hoping to control or lose their weight?

According to to, the whey protein, dominantly found in dairy products, could be one of the key ingredients for encouraging weight loss.

New research also has glowing recommendations for egg-based breakfasts, similarly rich in protein.

A recent study from Tel Aviv University tracked dieters who started their day with one of three different breakfast options:

  • Those eating a dairy-based breakfast (rich in whey proteins) lost an average of 7.6kg.
  • Those focusing on other proteins (such as those found in soy, eggs, tuna) lost an average of 6.1kg
  • Dieters sticking with “traditional” high-carb breakfasts lost a comparatively low 3.1kg.

While egg-based breakfasts are particularly effective, dairy does seem to have one key advantage: it suppresses hunger by helping hold back ghrelin, a key hormone in encouraging us to eat more.

Those focussed on a dairy-based breakfasts also had fewer blood-sugar spikes in comparison to the other two breakfast options. This means they could be generally less prone to sugar cravings, low energy and fatigue.

For those eager to lose weight but still eating “traditional” breakfasts, such as cereal, toast or muesli, this serves as a timely reminder to diversify.

While we’re still welcome to eat cereal and toast, the study suggests we could benefit by supplementing smaller serves with eggs or dairy – for example: simply adding some light yogurt to your muesli.

Are these findings a surprise to you? Would you consider altering your diet to accommodate more of these key ingredients?

  1. Carole Morrison  

    No it doesn’t surprise me at all! I was brought up to eat healthy food! All this rubbish years ago about eggs being bad for you etc was a joke! My father was allergic to red meat from a young child, so he ate two poached eggs on toast every single morning together with cereal, a freshly squeezed orange juice, and a cup of tea and lived until he was 85! He possibly would have lived longer but his smoking took care of that!

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