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Winter is well and truly here, isn’t it? It’s so cold, you can feel it in your bones. And for some of us, that isn’t just a cliche, it’s reality.

For the many who suffer from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions, cold weather can be horrible on your joints.

Here’s some great ways to minimise joint pain and keep active even in winter. Do you have any others to add?


Stay active indoors

If going outside aggravates your joints, stay indoors but keep active when you do. Doing some simple stretches on a chair can really help loosen up tight joints. Yoga YouTube videos can also provide some activity without needing to brave the cold temperatures.

Mustard massage

Massaging with mustard oil is an excellent way to get rid of arthritis or joint pain and inflammation. The oil works as a natural ointment and stimulates blood flow. Simply heat some mustard oil until it is slightly warm, then rub gently over the painful joint. Cover with plastic wrap or a bandage and apply warm towels. Repeat this remedy daily before bed to feel relief.

Cinnamon drink

Cinnamon can be used to relieve joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Do this daily for several days. You can also make a paste of cinnamon and honey and massage it gently on the painful area.

Epsom salt bath

The naturally occurring mineral in Epsom salts, magnesium sulfate, has been used to get relief from pain for years, due to its high levels of magnesium. Take 1/2 a cup of Epsom salts and pour into a bowl of warm water. Stir it around and then submerge your sore joints in the liquid. If you are experiencing pain in a less convenient place to soak, such as your knees, try taking a bath with Epsom salts. Run a tub full of warm water and add 2 cups of Epsom salt. Relax for 15 minutes!

Combine hot and cold therapies

Alternating between the heat and cold packs can help decrease inflammation and swelling in the joints. Heat helps reduce inflammation and cold can provide relief from the pain and swelling.

Warm up your hands

Pain in the fingers and hands is common in cold weather, though some hobbies such as knitting, sewing and playing cards help because the constant hand movement keeps joints limber. Heated lavender gloves and heated creams can help sooth sore hands.

Ginger drink

Another common remedy that can help treat joint pain is ginger, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Add 6 teaspoons of dried ginger, 6 teaspoons of caraway seeds and 3 teaspoons of black pepper and mix. Add half a teaspoon of this to hot water and drink daily during winter.

Eat a balanced diet

It might seem obvious but a balanced diet will do wonders for the pain you experience in the colder months. Make sure you eat three full meals a day and snack of fruit and nuts, ensuring you include a balance of all the food groups.

Drink more water

As we get older, we tend not to feel as thirsty, however it is crucial that we stay hydrated. If you have been feeling a bit worse for wear, have some more water. It’ll ease your joints too because it’ll increase circulation and keep skin nourished.


Do you have joint pain in winter? What do you do to relieve it?

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  1. Mike here-I know I’m going to regret this (karma & all) but at 66 I have never had a problem with Arthritis but the doctor tells me tgat the sharp pain in my right big toe is gout, it’s funny but I can’t remember my right big toe having anymore of a hedonistic life than my left big toe.

    2 REPLY
    • Mike – If I have one glass of wine my right big toe will ache. If I have more than one glass of wine – all my toes ache. I guess my right big toe drinks the whole first glass and the others have to share the second glass between them.

  2. I read a comment some time ago by a lady on this site about this same subject, she said she takes 8000mg of fish oil with excellent results. After reading this I increased my intake to 4000mg with a good improvement. Went off it recently for 3wks for some surgery and couldn’t wait to resume. Different things work for all of us.

  3. Thank you for handy Arthritic pain relief ideas. When I have a good day I feel alive when bad feel miserable. In knees ankles affects whole leg.

  4. Sure..swear,whinge grunt and groan, stay in bed and sceam for attention. It gives you a mental purpise in life throughout winter

  5. Sonia Burgess, how safe is mustard oil (can remember they used mustard gas during the war to kill people).

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