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For a long time we’ve been looking for a way to improve the chances of us actually losing weight – it was one of my resolutions but that has fast been lost! However, a research team has found something interesting that could actually be the secret to us all losing weight successfully.

In an article published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, scientists found that online weight management communities could potentially promote weight loss among large numbers of people at low cost. So perhaps looking for an online community rather than a real one can be more beneficial when we set out to shed the kilos. The study, led by Dr Julia Poncela-Casasnovas,  found that specifically, initial body mass index, adherence to self-monitoring, and social networking were significantly correlated with weight loss. Network embeddedness – the way an individual integrates within the online community was the highest variable. Average weight loss for those who were significantly embedded within the online community was significantly higher than those who were non-networked and those who only had a few connections within the group.

The behavioural change may be a result of many things. For example, you have a supportive community with similar goals, you have a network to learn and grow from, you have an exchange of information and general support.

So next time you want to get serious about losing weight, think about turning to an online community to do it!

If Starts at 60 set up an online community for those wanting to be healthier and possibly lose weight, would you join?



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  1. Would a love to lose weight but can’t afford the expensive charges do you have a cheaper rate we can afford and follow with success

  2. Cut sugar to half 1st week more next week till down to almost zero. Cut carbs to half and weight come off but it has to b lifetime commitment

  3. Yes. I cut out alcohol entirely for 6 weeks and lost 5 kilos!

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    • No fooling! I must say also that I was walking briskly for 30 mins a day and going to the gym 4 times a week, bowls twice a week as well as watching my diet. But it just goes to show you, when you reach a certain age you can’t burn off the calories as quickly. I have put on 1kg over Christmas but am still over half a stone lighter.

    • Me too Bab, but according to experts you have to put on 27kgs to offset the good you do yourself by giving up smoking. It’s been 26 years for me and I don’t miss the ciggies one scrap.

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