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When ABC reporter Sophie Scott wrapped up 2015, she was feeling disconnected and anxious. “While writing and reporting on public

When ABC reporter Sophie Scott wrapped up 2015, she was feeling disconnected and anxious. “While writing and reporting on public health, I had ignored my own”, she said recently.

To start 2016 on a better note, Scott decided to examine the gap between how she wanted to live, versus how her life was actually looking. This health concept is called “minding the gap”, and it can help you enjoy a better lifestyle too.

“Mind the gap is a daring strategy. We have to pay attention to the space between where we’re actually standing and where we want to be”, says the concept’s creator, Professor Brené Brown.

For example you might be a person who values nature and fitness, but in reality you could spent too much time indoors. Minding the gap here would require making an effort to get outdoors more often, and you’d eventually feel happier because of it.

“We don’t have to be perfect, just engaged and committed to aligning values with actions”, says Professor Brown. This psychological concept helped Sophie Scott find new meaning in her life.

“Taking time out to disconnect and detox, I realised what happens when you fight feelings of anxiety and vulnerability and are not being your true self,” said Scott.

“When you shut those feelings off, you are disconnected from what brings meaning to your life”.

Scott said that minding the gap isn’t an instant process. Instead, improving certain aspects of your life is a gradual process that starts with better daily habits.

Personally, Scott has resolved to drink less alcohol and exercise more often. She has encouraged other people to evaluate what they want from life too.

“I realise that I need and want to let go of those practices which are no longer serving me. Drinking too much, neglecting my inner self, putting work first”.

“Your list might resemble this or you may have come to rely on other crutches which are masking those feelings of vulnerability”, Scott said.

“Each day, ask yourself: are your choices enriching your life and spirit? And what are the practices, interactions with others and habits that really raise you up? That’s a goal worth striving for in 2016”.

Are there gaps in your own life that you’d like to close? Do you think this is healthy advice? How do you lead the best possible lifestyle?

Scott’s website can be found here.

  1. I am feeling very glum, I have no choice but eat less and I don’t know what to cut out, I only drink water and have coffee with lite milk and never any sugar on anything, I don’t drink alchohol , I don’t eat lollies and don’t even eat breakfast. My doctor said my body is in famine mode but he did say if we have a famine I will survive :), not much chance of that happening, never mind I have to go to a dietitian , I hope the poor woman has a lot of patience 😭

    • Sorry to hear you’re feeling glum, Libbi Elliot. You’re not alone, so many of us struggle with those type of worries. Let us know if there’s a particular article you’d find helpful for SaS to write. Thinking of you! -SaS

    • Libbi I always thought that if your body is in famine mode then you are not eating enough! I will be interested to hear what the dietician has to say. I lost my weight by making breakfast the biggest meal of the day. My meals got smaller as the day went on. Dinner at night was very small. For breakfast I would have 2 poached eggs, 2 pieces of toast and a cup of chai latte. Lunch was a salad sandwich and dinner at night a very small meal of whatever I was cooking. Good luck.

    • thanks Debbi I might try that, I don’t know where to start but that is a good suggestion thanks again xo

    • It sounds that you are not eating enough, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, my body tells me when I haven’t eaten breakfast, I hope the nutritionist can help you Libbi!!!

    • thanks Ann she probably will, I am just never hungry at breakfast, but I will do what you are suggesting

    • You should always have breakfast Libbi, as It’s the most important meal of the day. You can just have smaller portions of things, if you’re worried about kilojoules. Perhaps you’re feeling glum because of your self imposed diet. You’re allowed to cheat occasionally, but don’t tell anybody I said that! 😎

    • Don’t be feeling glum Libbi, or beat yourself up, your one of the happy fun people on here, I’m sure the nutritionist will have some good advice for you, it’s hard as we get older our metabolism just seems to change, it’s something I battle with all the time😒…& I’m like you I just can’t stomach eating first thing in the morning..let us know how you get on.

    • Libbi do have a good breakfast, then a smaller lunch, then an even smaller dinner. Or try having your cooked meal for lunch and a salad for evening. Poor thing. I feel for you. Have you tried the 5:2 diet. Eat normally for 5 days, then eat little for 2 days. This kick-starts the metabolism. Good luck sweetie. 💕💕

    • Jeez Libbi you don’t eat breakfast? You don’t eat sugar? Seen the amount of sugar in lite milk? You need that dietician mate and stop worrying and follow her advice. We need your commonsense, your compassion and wit. We’d be lost without them.

  2. I am ok at the moment, live life one day at a time, forget about yesterday, enjoy today because tomorrow may never come, it helps!!

  3. I know that my response will sound trite to some people but here are two suggestions that when used in tandem can make the world of difference. 1. Remember that happiness is a choice and 2. Fake it ’til you make it.

    • I agree. You can choose to be happy with what life has given you. No one’s life is perfect but it is the only life we have so you may as well be happy.

  4. some things I wish I could stop remembering. but then I wouldn’t be me. those things have taught me but heavy price. i’ve finally learned to be ok.

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