Three reasons why you crave these irresistible comfort foods

Indulging in food is something we all do when feeling tired, stressed or sad. The usual comfort foods are chips, coffee

Indulging in food is something we all do when feeling tired, stressed or sad. The usual comfort foods are chips, coffee and chocolate but in actual fact, your body might need something else entirely.

“Food cravings can occur when certain chemicals within the body are low”, explains Julie Masci, Dietitian and Director at New Life Nutrition.

“Cravings can be managed by knowing which foods will provide the chemicals your body needs”.

1. If you’re craving chips

The humble potato chip is an Aussie classic, particularly for those of us who prefer savoury foods. Although, reaching for one packet too many can be damaging for our overall health.

“If you’re craving potato chips, you may actually be dehydrated and need salt”, says Masci. This is because sodium, the primary substance in salt, helps retain moisture in tissues and organs.

Drinking plenty of water is the solution. Alternatively, try beverages that are rehydrating such as green tea and vegetable juice.

Ensuring you are properly hydrated also means you’ll feel less tired, and have more energy.

2. If you’re craving coffee

Many Australians use coffee to combat tiredness and lethargy.

“Drinking coffee without refined sugars is not necessarily a bad habit, but if you are frequently craving coffee then your body may lack iron”, says Masci.

Iron deficiencies can leave us feeling tired or sluggish, as there are fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.

For an alternative beverage that still boasts plenty of iron, try drinking a green smoothie or even some prune juice.

3. If you’re craving chocolate

Chocolate is arguably the most common food to crave, partly because it boosts hormones associated with feelings of well-being and contentment.

“Chocolate contains plant components, called flavonoids, that naturally increase serotonin and endorphin levels within the brain”, says Masci.

Fortunately, chocolate is not the only food laden with flavonoids. “Strawberries owe their bright red colour to flavonoids, and (so do) tree fruits such as pears”, says Masci.

“Food cravings can also stem from stresses in your daily life, so consider taking a walk to refocus your body and mind when cravings hit”, concludes Masci.

What foods do you crave the most? Do you often find yourself comfort eating?


    • I’ve got a plate of licorice mix beside me this minute. I don’t know what it means but one piece sets me off and I eat whatever is there.

  1. Anonymous  

    Have junk food…will eat junk food. So, no buy junk food…no eat junk food. If you want to win the battle of the bulge…btw, it really works! 😋

  2. Stuff you do not have to cook!…….. Once widowed, one of the worst things is not enjoying a meal with your spouse – particularly if you shared the preparation & cooking! …… still like food but there is absolutely no enjoyment – so I often do not bother – & hence am underweight & need to watch it does not become a problem!

  3. John Brants  

    None of these three. Instead I crave hot chillies and Tabasco sauce.Am I nuts or what? (Rhetorical question).

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