This food has always been heart smart but now it could be life saving

While the product box has carried the “heart smart” tick for a while and researchers, have known that eating oats can lower cholesterol levels, but now new research could be putting oats into a grade above “super food”.

Two other “markers” that could lead to cardiovascular disease have also been discovered to be taken down by the “good stuff” in oats.  That “good stuff” being beta-glucan which is a viscous soluble fibre.

This new study, led by Dr Vladimir Vuksan from the Risk Factor Modification Centre of St. Michael’s Hospital, tested randomised control trials on many types of people to see the reaction that oats had on these health markers.

Dr Vuksan told News Medical, “Diets enriched with about 3.5 grammes a day of beta-glucan fibre from oats were found to modestly improve LDL cholesterol, but also non-HDC and apoB compared to control diets”.

This means that your breakfast could be getting you off to the right start. However, the study revealed that it might be hard to get the recommended amount of oat fibre from just your morning oats.  The suggestion is that Oat Bran should be added to your regular oats or into other foods that are consumed throughout the day.

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Kicking off your day with a bowl of oats and then an Oat Bran muffin for morning or afternoon tea could be just the ticket to a healthier ticker.  Oat Bran can also be added to smoothies, or other types of baked goods could mean that getting that healthy kick in your diet can also taste good.

What are some great recipes that you have for Oats or Oat Bran?  Do you start the day off with some oats already?  If you don’t will you start?