This delicious food is as addictive as hard drugs… and could be the reason you can’t lose weight 68



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The majority of us have this food in our fridges and it’s obvious why: it’s so darn delicious. But health experts are now warning that it could be as addictive and as hard drugs…

A special chemical found in addictive drugs has been located in a dairy product a vast amount of us love: cheese. Why, though?

Using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, designed to measure a person’s dependence on, scientists found that cheese is particularly potent because it contains casein, a substance present in all dairy products. It can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors which are linked to addiction, which any cheese lover can tell you makes sense. Cheese is rarely enjoyed in tiny pieces!

It’s no laughing matter however, with research showing just how problematic an addiction to cheese can be.

According to, researchers asked 120 undergraduates to answer the Yale Food Addiction Scale, and were asked to choose between 35 foods of varying nutritional value.

A second part to the study involved 384 people who were presented with the same items of food, but in a hierarchical linear order.

Researchers behind the study, published in the Public Library of Science One journal, found that fat was linked to problematic eating whether or not participants were addicted to food.

Erica Schulte, one of the authors of the research, told Techtimes that fat appeared to equally anticipate problematic eating, whether or not the participants had food addiction manifestations.

Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine said that cheese has a chemical called casein, which disintegrates during digestion to secrete a surge of casomorphins.

From what researchers know from previous studies, casomorphins bind with opioid gates, the same used to control addiction.

According to the University of Illinois Extension Program, caseins makes up 80% of the proteins in cow milk. While not yet much is known just how much of an opioid effect casomorphins have, some food scientists go so far as to describe cheese as “dairy crack“.

Tell us, how often do you eat cheese? Will this make you reconsider how much you eat?


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  1. I don’t know to many people who don’t like cheese, but really addictive? Soon we won’t be able to look at food let alone eat it, I really am fed up with all these studies which COULD BE ADDICTIVE OR DANGEROUS when they have FIRM EVIDENCE to prove these so called studies then tell us.

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  2. I use cheese mainly in cooking, so use mainly grated cheese that I keep in the freezer, but I don’t find that I crave for cheese or cannot help myself, I enjoy grilled cheese on toast, dishes with grilled cheese,, but I don’t feel like I’ve had some magical addictive drug, but the same cannot be said for chocolate… I just proved to myself, yet again, that chocolate of any sort cannot be brought into my house. Coles last week, had a range of “minis” on sale eg Freddo Frogs, well I thought, I’ll get two packets for local kids, for Saturday night, Yes that worked out well, they came into the house on the Tuesday, my chocolate addled brain, knew those dam things were fair game, so I can report, both packets were opened, I’ll just have one, they were all history by Friday… So if local kids knock on Saturday night, I have my answer ready, I don’t believe in Halloween, I know only too well, if I buy more Freddos and Malteesers, their chance of survival is nil. I’m dreadful around chocolate, so cannot have it anywhere in my house or around me..

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  3. I am starting to get a bit paranoid about these things we can’t eat? These people were not employed by the Government so that we read them and starve to death, were they? That way they won’t have to give us pensions 🙂

  4. Questions are we dependent on food
    Do we go searching for more when we run out
    Does food take over our lives (look at all the cooking shows)
    Do we want more and more food (look around you all the obese people)
    Do we consume more than is good for us
    Do we sometimes dream about food
    Does it damage your health and well being
    Do you have cravings for some foods

    4 REPLY
    • Yes to all of the above. The trouble is we have to eat to remain alive. Consuming more is usually the thing!!

    • Agree with some of what u say but please don’t assume obese people consume a lot of food. Some of us eat significantly less than ‘normal’ weight people with a lot of other factors to do with their weight problem.

    • Sorry no assumptions made like that I do bikie be that there are additives added to processed food that encourage people to eat more. I was merely trying to align definitions for addiction to food and as we all need to eat I think we can say it is an addiction except food is essential for daily living. No offense was meant to anyone

  5. Do you get withdrawals i think we can safely say that food is addictive but we are meant to eat to live

  6. Food is addictive because if you don’t eat you don’t s..t and if you don’t s..t you die.

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