There’s been a breakthrough in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Perhaps appropriately timed for the A Walk in the Park event that is being held around Australia on August 28,

Perhaps appropriately timed for the A Walk in the Park event that is being held around Australia on August 28, but a group of Queensland researchers have made a breakthrough that could treat the tremors and muscle stiffness that Parkinson’s disease causes.

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The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience has found, by examining a genetic mutation, that dysfunctions in retromer — a type of protein responsible for transporting biological material within a cell — creates congestion in the transport network inside the cells. Kind of like a cell traffic jam.

What happens then is the ability of recycling cells is interrupted and they don’t get to the right place, which means cells in the brain can’t get rid of waste material and this leads to cell death.

It all sounds very complicated, but what do you expect when dealing with the brain?

“It’s this cell’s death that then causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, such as tremors and muscle stiffness,” associate professor Rohan Teasdale told

He says this discovery could lead to improved treatments that address the symptoms of Parkinson’s, but additionally the treatment principle could also be applied to almost 50 other disorders that occur when there is a build-up of waste material in the cells.

Do you know someone who would benefit from a treatment for Parkinson’s disease? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Eleanor Wilson  

    Doesn’t say what the treatment will be. I have Parkinson’s. If it will stop the muscle stiffness and tremors it may help the pain too

    • Hollis Yates  

      People don’t correlate pain with Parkinson’s. However that’s a very good point there is much stiffness in pain and cramps they go along with Parkers is disease so if the pain could be reduced that would be great! Good post good point!

  2. facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

    I have a brother-in-law and a friends husband who both have Parkinson’s. Will mention this them.

  3. My husband has had Parkinsons for 16 years. He is on a 24hour gel infusion but the dosage gets changed to a smaller dose for the overnight tohelp stop any hallucinations and psychosis. This is causes the freezing and the muscle stiffness to be an absolute nightmare. It doesn’t say what the treatment is but if it can help him we will both be up for anything new to try. He is only 61.

  4. Stephen  

    This is not a good article. It does not give any details. Just to say there is a breakthrough is not sufficient.

  5. I was diagnosed with early Parkinsons last December 2015 ! I have small hand tremors mostly R hand & sometimes my signature almost unrecognizable ! I was put on SINOMET 100/25 TABLETS, by specialist but made me sick with nausea. Went to patches NEUPRO ROTIGOTINE 4mg/24h by GP. Don’t seem to have any adverse effects now !? The tremor varies with days. I am 81 still ride motorcycles !
    Any advances are welcome but these things can take decades to be on the market & funding can be a problem . Have just had a brain scan ,nothing apparent at this time apart from minor normal aging ? Keep up the good work !

  6. Chris  

    More info please. I too have PD. If it helped the pain, what a joy it would be.

    • Chidu Narayanan  

      Is there pain associated with PD? My father has it since 27 years. He has never mentioned about pain. Now he has dementia so he can’t tell us. What kind of pain is associated with PD? Thanks.

  7. justy  

    obviously, there’s a commercial pitch somewhere and more than likely it’s for a high priced pharmaceutical! Stay out of our lives if this is all you have going on – I know how to spot spyware when I see it!

  8. Nina jagne  

    We keep hearing of breakthroughs but nothing concrete yet for us. Why not just wait til you have something physical to offer us.

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