There is finally a screening test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For decades, Australians living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have faced stigma and been unable to gain a clear diagnosis. Now, Queensland researchers could change all that, thanks to a new screening test they have developed.

A team of scientists at Griffith University has identified elements of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which, when detected together, could help patients get a clearer diagnosis.

According to Profesor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik from Griffith University, this new test for CFS could help over 400 000 Australians living with the debilitating condition.

“This illness has traditionally been difficult to diagnose, meaning that people can go for months without getting the care and attention they require”, Professor Marshall-Gradisnik explained.

“We are confident that the new screening test currently in development will provide efficient and increasingly accurate screening for people with CFS. This test may also be used to monitor and track the progression of their illness”.

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The research undertaken by Professor Marshall-Gradisnik and her team at Griffith University has been supported by the Queensland Government.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome normally involves extreme tiredness that doesn’t dissipate with rest, muscular pain or swelling, tender lymph-nodes and frequent headaches.

People in their 40s and above are most at risk of developing CFS, although there is no one cause for the condition. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for CFS, so early detection could make be all the difference today.

Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Is somebody you know living with this condition? How does CFS affect your life? Will you seek out this screening test?