The trick to prolonging your life could take just 10 minutes!

There’s another reason you should get up and get moving today, as doctors say it could help you live longer. The good news is just 10 minutes of movement can help extend your life!

A study published by the University of Pennsylvania found that people who exercise for at least 10 minutes each day, can significantly prolonged their lives.

The study examined the life expectancies of around 3,000 people aged from 50 to 79 years. Researchers tracked the participants over seven days, and found that those who were the least active were five times more likely to experience early mortality.

Doctors working on the study also found that people don’t have to commit to a strenuous workout to increase their chances of living longer.

General chores like sweeping the floor, doing the grocery shopping and washing the dishes it enough to get the blood pumping and improve your health.

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“When we compare people who exercise the same amount, those who sit less and move around more tend to live longer,” the study’s lead author Dr Ezra Fishman said.

“The folks who were walking around, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor tended to live longer than the people who were sitting at a desk.”

Of course, health experts recommend you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, but the message coming out of this study is that even a little movement is better than nothing.

“You didn’t have to even get a good sweat to experience the reduced likelihood of mortality,” Dr Fishman said. “Activity doesn’t have to be especially vigorous to be beneficial. That’s the public health message.”

“When it comes to physical activity, more is better than less, and anything is better than nothing.”

How often do you exercise? Do you make sure you stay active everyday?