The things scientifically proven to help us live longer

While there is no do it all, “wonder pill” that we can pop to keep our hearts beating for longer, there are some things that have been proven to really work… And they’re mostly lifestyle factors.

A panel of experts that sit of the Longevity Science Panel have outlined some of the most common and effective lifestyle changes that can contribute to living longer in a report titled, “What is ageing? And how do we delay it?”.

The group, which independently monitors evidence that explain changes in life expectancy and advise policymakers in the UK and around the world found that some small changes were high impact enough to take life expectancy from 80 to 84 years old.

The changes that we make improves our cell division – something that common day lifestyles aren’t helping. It is a critical part of our regenerative process and when cell division is occurring naturally at the appropriate rate, the ageing process is held off and longevity increased.

So what are these things that will help us all live to be 120?

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  • Cut down on sugar
  • Cut down on salt
  • Exercise more frequently
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Taking statins
  • Slight calorie restriction like following the Mediterranean diet
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Stop smoking

So if staying alive for longer is that easy – why aren’t more of us doing it? Richard Faragher, professor of Biogerontology at the University of Brighton, told The Sunday Telegraph that living healthier for longer was more important than increasing lifespan. “Ageing occurs because the mechanisms which keep us in good health fail over time. After a variable number of divisions, cells will stop dividing and start to do bad stuff. So, in effect, all age related diseases are being driven by a few mechanisms which if you could control them, could be the difference between somebody hobbling down the street, or jogging past you.”

So tell us, based on your lifestyle habits, are you on track to live to 120? Or will you be having fun without worrying about these things? Share your thoughts in the comments below….